China’s first winter sports world champion, luo Zhihuan, 80, is the first torchbearer!

Who will be the first torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics?Here’s the answer.He is Luo Zhihuan, China’s first world champion in winter sports.After receiving the torch, the entire audience rose and Lo moved slowly forward to the sound of music.Gao Qing “float in the sky” torch of that moment, 80 years old he, finally round his dream of the Winter Olympics.In 1963, Luo zhihuan won the gold medal of men’s 1500 meters at the 57th World Speed Skating Championships in Nagano, Japan with a good time of 2:09.20. He broke the world record and became the first Chinese athlete to win the world championship of a winter event.”It’s like yesterday. It’s like it just happened.”The old man was still emotional as he recalled the extraordinary experience of winning the gold medal 59 years ago.Back then, speed skating was dominated by Nordic athletes, and no Asian had ever won a gold medal.Facing the world’s top three Nordic runners at the same starting line, Na made up his mind, “Aren’t you the world’s top three?Let’s have a competition.”As na stepped to the starting line, he heard his coach call his name. “Look down, Chi-hwan. What’s on your chest?”The costume is very simple, a sweater made of wool, but embroidered with the word “China”, the top of the word is the national emblem.Luo zhihuan did not speak, but he understood what his teacher meant — to win glory for China and to fight for her.When the starting gun went off and Na chi-hwan ran out, a nobody left the world’s top three runners 10 meters behind.In Mr. Law’s own words, “It wouldn’t be me. It would be crazy.”In the last 300 meters, luo, who was exhausted, gradually lost ground to his rivals, but he still won the gold medal by 0.2 seconds at the finish line.The Chinese overcame all kinds of difficulties and won the world championship impossibly, which caused no small shock.In the voice of many overseas Chinese Shouting “long live China”, Luo Zhihuan stood at the top of the podium, very happy, “this gold medal is not easy, really touching!”As China was not a member of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee at the time, luo and his fellow athletes missed out on a valuable opportunity to compete in the winter Games in the prime of their careers.Na chi-hwan’s failure to compete in the Winter Olympics has always been a deep regret.Now holding the Olympic torch at home, for Lo, “it’s a dream come true, a change in spirit and mood.””Can we hold the torch in front of the house?”In fact, Luo Zhihuan has been looking forward to participating in the Winter Olympics in this way, passing on the hard work of the older generation of athletes to the next generation — this is also his dream and desire.Born in 1941, He was just 21 when he won.At that time, he overcame all kinds of unexpected difficulties and won the gold medal with his fighting spirit and faith to win glory for his country.Lo also wants to say to the athletes who will compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics, “Come on!One gold medal is not your goal, three or four is, work hard, work hard.I have faith in you.”source Beijing daily client | journalists Sun jie Pan Fu da Wu Yibin editor Wang Wenmiao process editor Wu yue

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