Editorial | If you can activate the release of every teacher’s inner driving force

For a city’s education, the staff of teachers is undoubtedly an extremely valuable asset.At present, the total number of teaching and administrative staff in Shenzhen exceeds 200,000, among which 32% of middle school teachers are masters or above, the highest in the province.The number of senior teachers and special-grade teachers in primary and secondary schools ranks first in the whole province.This is the valuable educational asset of Shenzhen.How to increase the value of such assets, or how to better activate and release the inner potential of every teacher?The Implementation Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Professional title System for Primary and secondary school Teachers in Shenzhen has been released recently. The goal is to give primary and secondary schools and kindergartens the right to choose and employ their teachers, to combine the evaluation and employment of teachers’ professional titles (positions), to transform the evaluation and employment of teachers from status management to post management, and to unify the management and employment system of teachers.In fact, as early as September 23, 2015, Shenzhen issued the pilot program and supporting documents for the reform of the professional title system for primary and secondary school teachers, and then officially launched the pilot reform of the professional title system for primary and secondary school teachers.Municipal primary and middle schools, including ordinary public primary and middle schools, vocational middle schools, kindergartens, special education schools, work-study schools, urban teaching and research units and audio-visual education institutions, will be included in the reform.A highlight of the reform plan is to further clarify the professional title evaluation of private schools, temporary teachers and principals.It is stipulated that on-duty teachers and temporary teaching staff of primary and secondary schools in off-campus educational institutions and private schools that implement the professional title system of primary and secondary school teachers can refer to the implementation plan of the reform and also participate in the professional title evaluation work organized by the education department.The professional title evaluation of the principal of the rank system is independently organized by the education department, but it is not linked with the employment of school posts.Private teachers are a huge contingent of teachers in Shenzhen, and all public schools have different numbers of temporary teachers.Therefore, including them in the reform implementation plan is itself a kind of elimination of identity differences.The transformation of teacher evaluation and employment from status management to post management will further provide system guarantee and talent support for the balanced and high-quality development of primary and secondary schools.According to previous reports, it has changed the tendency of over-emphasizing papers and academic qualifications, fully considering the professional, practical and long-term nature of teaching and educating, and paying attention to teachers’ ethics, teaching methods, work achievements and front-line practical experience.In addition, the talent evaluation has changed from government-led to employer-led, and the evaluation mechanism involving schools, students and parents has been explored. A variety of evaluation methods have been adopted to scientifically evaluate the ability, performance and matching of primary and secondary school teachers to ensure that the evaluation results are objective and fair.Of course, it has been more than six years since the pilot reform of the professional title system for primary and secondary school teachers in Shenzhen started in September 2015. It is also worth “looking back” to see what experience we have and what needs to be improved.”Implement the autonomy of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens”, then, principals, principals and other responsible persons need to refine the relevant supervision mechanism accordingly, to prevent the alienation of power to reform.One of the important reasons for shenzhen’s rapid rise and miracle in the past 40 years is that it always regards talents as the first resource and talents strategy as the core strategy of urban development.It is expected that this implementation plan for the reform of the professional title system for primary and secondary school teachers will enable more teachers in Shenzhen to come to the fore, give full play to their talents and talents, and provide stronger driving force for urban education.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If the source is wrong or violates your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, and we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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