Even masks have such nice names!Masks for spectators at Winter Olympics venues revealed

Curling competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off at the Ice Cube on The evening of February 2.Through the live camera, the five-ring color masks on the audience can not help but take a second look.The reporter learned from The Beijing Natong Technology Group, which is responsible for the production of masks for spectators at the venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, that these masks are specially equipped by the ticketing and audience organization group for the audience with a special medical protective N95 mask, which has a pleasant name — “rhythm hill”.The masks are divided into five colors: red, blue, yellow, green and black. The lower part of the mask pattern is rolling mountains, and the upper part is floating with ribbons. The whole mask is also floating with different forms of snowflakes.The relevant person in charge of the epidemic prevention Materials Division of Beijing Natong Technology Group introduced that the mask design mainly integrates the five ring colors to make five types of masks. The inspiration of the mountains in the pattern comes from the mountains at the foot of the Great Wall in Yanqing Competition area after snow, and the overall pattern combines the beautiful lines of the Yanmianshan mountains and the ice ribbon.From the design drawing to the finished product, it is necessary to combine the pattern with the three-dimensional structure when wearing the mask for the ice hockey game on February 2.”First of all, we must strictly determine the size of the plane engineering drawings, and then put the designed patterns in the corresponding position on the engineering drawings, and finally make a small sample, according to the sample repeatedly adjust the design pattern, until the best effect.”Designers told reporters.According to the introduction, the outer layer of the audience mask is made of high-definition digital printing non-woven fabric, which not only ensures clear and beautiful patterns, but also meets the moisture resistance and flame retardant performance required by medical protective masks. At the same time, the 5 mm high elastic soft ear band takes into account both tightness and comfort.Late February 2, ice hockey game the audience “the mask structure designed by independent research and development in our country, is made up of natong medical protection equipment (tianjin) co., LTD. Production of squama shield medical respirator, evolved from the body of the mask is on the analysis comparison of the different areas in our country face shape feature based on the optimization design of more than 2000 people, more relevant Chinese face.”According to the designer, this small mask also has two patents — appearance patent and utility model patent, which meets the 13 performance standards of N95 medical protective mask in national standard and has passed the test of professional third-party testing institutions.More than 500 people have been involved in the production of the masks, which began to be developed and designed in October last year. The production line is still working overtime to ensure supply.Masks for spectators at venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics are expected to go on sale in natong’s flagship stores on e-commerce platforms such as JD.com, Taobao and Tmall in mid-February, after meeting demand for the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.(Beijing Daily)

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