Fight for white heat, big Paris high salary retention, Real Madrid feel angry

It has long been known that Real wanted To land Mbappe, launching a strong attack on him in successive off-seasons.Mbappe, meanwhile, has also been tempted, coming close to real Madrid on several occasions.However, Paris opted not to release mbappe due to his contract, and instead tried to keep him at the club by bringing in stars such as Lionel Messi to help him reach the Champions League and other trophies.It has been reported that mbappe is close to joining Real Madrid.But in just a few days, things seem to have changed.According to the Independent, greater Paris are ready to offer Mbappe the biggest contract in the world as they seek to retain him on a lucrative basis.The offer is believed to be worth £1 million a week, which is definitely the highest weekly wage in world football history, and even a bit surprising.The money is being spent in the hope that Kylian Mbappe will remain with the club as his importance grows.In recent games he has scored the winning goal in the last minute, notably in the first leg against Real Madrid in the Champions League.Mbappe was also in the final moments of the game as he broke through the Real defence and scored the winner to put his side in front.It is this kind of performance that is believed to have made Paris determined to keep Mbappe.Real president Florentino was so furious that he even considered replacing Ancelodi with Pochettino in an effort to lure Mbappe.In addition to mbappe to join real Madrid is a very yearning.He will be an integral part of the team at Real Madrid, where he will hopefully win more trophies and individual accolades.So real Madrid have their own advantages in the mbappe fight.However, mbappe has decided to return to the negotiating table after the big Paris offer, and all the situation could be reversed.It can be said that the competition for Mbappe has entered a heated stage, it has to say that Mbappe has shown the core value and ability of the team this season.With Neymar injured and Lionel Messi in the mix, Mbappe has carried the team on his own, rescuing them at crucial moments this season.He has all the qualities that are at the heart of the team.Will make real Madrid and the contention between the greater Paris more intense.The final winner of Mbappe deer, or very worthy of the fans look forward to.

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