From Zhengzhou to Nanyang, this embrace waiting for 46 years

On February 2, 2022, the second day of the Lunar New Year, 46-year-old Zhengzhou citizen Yang Haohao returned to his “mother’s home” Nanyang, in the “Nanyang Micro police Station” Xiao Zhenyu studio for relatives, he and his twin brother Yu Siliang, who had not seen each other for 46 years, hugged together……After 46 years of waiting, the brothers were reunited.In May 1976, yu Yelin’s wife Ding Shihua gave birth to twin boys in the shabby straw house of Yu’s family in Heilongji Village, Zhanglin Town, Zhenping County.The birth of twins is a great blessing, but for the poor family, it is undoubtedly worse.Before the twins were born, the Yu family already had three boys and one girl.Ding shihua looked at his twin brothers, who were in need of food, and the temporary joy on his face was quickly dissipated by the great pressure of real life.In order to keep the other children alive, Ding shihua and her husband Yu Yilin agreed to give them away as long as the conditions of the adopters were good enough for them to have enough food to eat.Under the introduction of village acquaintances, the twin brother was eventually sent to a family surnamed Yang’s home.Ding shihua, 85, still remembers the day she decided to send her children away. She felt as if she had lost her soul and watched them crying.On the day he was taken away, she cried and dug out the only decent shirt she had at home. She carefully wrapped it around him and looked at it again and again and kissed it again and again, so that she would never forget his face.She thought it might be the last time they ever see each other.Yu Shi Liang, 46, is the older twin.From the age of five, his father always told him that he had a twin brother in his spare time.In the words, Yu Temple liang can clearly feel his father’s pressure in the bottom of his heart.From then on, he had an idea that he must find his twin brother.After joining the work, Yu Siliang will go to the downtown of the city to turn around every time he goes on a business trip to different cities, paying attention to people with similar age and appearance. He hopes to find his twin brother in this way, so that his parents can meet his younger brother in their lifetime.Yu Sailiang said that he and his father had repeatedly sought out the villagers who had taken his younger brother to ask about his brother, but the other side was always silent.The family has also inquired in the surrounding counties and cities, but no results.At the end of December 2021, a friend from Guangdong province recommended xiao Zhenyu’s dating studio, which is located in nanyang Micro Police Station on the wechat public account of “Ping An Nanyang”.The next day, he made an online registration in xiao Zhenyu’s studio.To his surprise, he received xiao Zhenyu’s feedback after only two days.On January 31, 2022, the eve of Chinese New Year, Yu Siliang received the happy news of the successful DNA comparison between the two sides from Xiao Zhenyu’s studio.It was like a dream, Mr. Yoshi said.In the early morning of February 2, 2022, before dawn, Yu Siliang, his wife and son went to Xiao Zhenyu’s work room of the Public Security Bureau of Nanyang City from Zhanglin Town, Zhenping County.”After 46 years of waiting, we can’t wait any longer!”Yu Siliang said excitedly.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, Yang Haohao and his wife from Wuxi, Jiangsu province, arrived at Xiao Zhenyu’s studio on time.After 46 years of separation, the two brothers held each other in a hug that moved everyone present.Yang Haohao told everyone that before this he always had a feeling that the world and the existence of loved ones.In 2017, his adoptive mother died and his father told him about his parentage.Since then, Yang Haohao has a wish, must find his biological parents, even if they meet.At noon on February 2, under the leadership of his brother, Yang Haohao finally returned to The Village of Black Dragon, Zhanglin Town, Zhenping County, and met his mother and siblings.For the first time in 46 years, they took a family portrait.Source: Ping an Nanyang

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