If you put Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in the era of ronaldo, they could not achieve more?Really?

Would Ronaldo and Messi have achieved what they have now if they had been in ronaldo’s era?It’s too difficult!It is not because of the large number of big names in the Era of Ronaldo, but because of the poor quality of the stadiums in the Era of Ronaldo, the defensive violence index is too high, the referee is too lenient, the medical level and training system is not perfect, the big teams have not produced overwhelming advantage over the small teams…At ronaldo’s alien level, he would have been good for only a few years.Put Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in ronaldinho’s era and it won’t last long.Injuries are always the biggest natural enemies of talented stars.Of course, with Messi’s ball control skills or Ronaldo’s shooting ability, it is possible to become the best one or two years in ronaldo’s era. However, it is difficult for them to maintain the efficiency of one-goal average for more than ten consecutive years as in the “double Pride era”, let alone become the king for more than ten consecutive years.In the “city change king flag” era, to rule football, more difficult.The big houses at that time didn’t attract all the resources.The game was not as clear-cut as it is now.It’s only going to get harder.So, I still that sentence, Messi and Ronaldo do have strength, but, Messi and Ronaldo can become “double arrogant”, is also touched by the light of The Times, in the era of Ronaldo, which star can not do absolute dominance, only blame Ronaldo was born in the wrong time!What do you think about that?# Ronaldo #

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