In 1923, When Japan was hit by an earthquake, China donated 6 million dollars to Japan.Eight years later, Japan invaded China

At noon on September 1, 1923, Akasaka left the palace in Japan. The regent Hirohito, who was only 22 years old, was in high spirits and was holding a grand state banquet to entertain foreign envoys.Between glasses of wine, the future Emperor of Japan seemed to see a nation rising in the east, cooking oil on fire.In the past few decades, Japan defeated The Russian Qing dynasty with its powerful force and pillaged the economy and force of its neighbors, making Japan’s economy develop rapidly and its best days seem to be coming.But when Hirohito fell into a sweet fantasy, suddenly, a burst of earth shaking loud sound from the distant horizon spread, and then, unprepared he was a burst from the depths of the earth spread a huge earthquake overturned!The earthquake!Panicked guests, servants, and hosts fled screaming in defiance of protocol.With the help of his guards, Hirohito fled to the garden in confusion. Then, he saw a terrifying doomsday scene: the sky collapsed, the city burned by fire, the streets filled with dead bodies, and the world suddenly empty!September 1, 1923 November 58 minutes 44 seconds, Japan’s Great Kanto earthquake, earthdragons tumbling, tsunami towering, wildfires raging!How terrible was the kanto earthquake in Japan?This big earthquake came without warning!From Chiba, through Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Kamakura, Hakone, Izu and shizuoka, the entire Kanto region of about 20,000 square kilometers was caught in a huge natural disaster.Critically, the earthquake triggered misfires in electrical circuits, and fires broke out in Tokyo, Yokohama and other cities with clusters of wooden structures.The wood started the fire, the wind fanned it, and many people were burned to death. There was no way to save them.Along the coast, the tsunami caused by the earthquake broke the seawall, like a group of wild horses without rein, roaring, rolling, rolling, countless people have not had time to escape, was involved in the towering sea.To make matters worse, the quake struck at lunchtime, when families were cooking and gathering food over fires.Many housewives who could not escape from the kitchen died in the fire;There are many families, children, gathered under the shade of the beach to cool off, eat, also swept into the sea.If it was just a natural disaster, it would have been worse. At that time, Japanese politics was in a period of transition between the new and old cabinet, and the new cabinet had not formally assumed its duties. As a result, there was no unified instruction after the earthquake broke out, which delayed prevention and treatment.Hirohito witnessed this amazing scene in Tokyo, leaving the palace, surrounded by thousands of petitions of the Japanese people, hastily ordered the original cabinet of foreign minister Uchida Yasuya temporary chair.However, in the age of poor information, Tokyo and the surrounding areas had no effective, authoritative command and had to fend for themselves.However, fires burning in various cities have seriously affected the efficiency of rescue efforts.The fires in Tokyo, Yokohama and other cities were not put out until September 3 because of poor government order and slow rescue efforts.The earth dragon turns over, the wildfire burns the city, the tsunami heinous, the typhoon hits……In this unprecedented earthquake, 99,331 people died in Japan, 43,476 people are missing;More than 321,000 houses were destroyed and burned, and a total of 3 million people were affected. The direct economic loss reached 5.5 billion yen.Japan’s budget in 1922 was only 1.77 billion yen.If it had been a natural disaster alone, the 7.9 magnitude quake would not have been enough to cause such damage.But sometimes man-made disasters are worse than natural disasters.Shortly after the quake, rumors swirled around Tokyo and Yokohama as communications lines were down, rescue efforts delayed and wildfires raged.Rumors of a political nature began to spread as Japan was on the eve of its invasion, and its colonial rule had provoked fierce resistance in Korea, fueled by some.”The North Koreans set the fire, they rioted!””The leaders are all dead!”The Chinese are rioting too!The spread of these rumors has caused great panic among the Japanese public, the police and even the army.Many Japanese who do not know the truth even gave up the fire relief, began to kill koreans, Chinese everywhere.Even Mizino Brootaro, The Japanese Minister of Internal Affairs, believed it and demanded to issue martial law.On September 2, the Japanese government declared martial law in Tokyo city, and later extended the martial law area to the entire affected area, kanagawa, Chiba and Kaitama prefectures.However, this martial law could not suppress the agitation of some people with ulterior motives.As the situation has become more and more serious, the Japanese government issued an emergency “security order” on September 7 to punish those who spread rumors and disturb the peace and order.It was not until September 7 that the frightened people began to carry out rescue activities in an orderly manner, under the unified organization of the Japanese government.As the fire burst water supply pipes around the repair, living in parks, the Japanese people have returned to their homes, began to help rebuild.Still, for many Koreans in Japan, it is too late.As the Japanese people in the earthquake for rumors confused, the entire Kanto region in the disaster after the spontaneous formation of up to 3,686 vigilante groups.In the name of self-policing, these vigilantes wantonly killed Koreans living in Japan, including some Chinese who were also killed.It was not until October that the vigilantes were banned by the Japanese government.It is worth mentioning that these self-police regiments were established under the instruction and “guidance” of the Japanese police.The news that China was the first to help Japan after the Great Kanto earthquake reached China on the afternoon of September 1, 1923.At that time, the Beiyang government’s “president” Li Yuanhong was just forced away by Cao Kun, Cao Kun is still in communication to seek the “great president” post.And the guangzhou government in the south is in the stage of reorganization, too busy to look outside.However, when the news of the Japanese earthquake spread to China, or immediately caused the high attention of the north and south government.On September 3, the northern government held a meeting to discuss the allocation of 200,000 ocean aid to Japan. On September 3, the first batch of aid materials set out from Shanghai (Xinming ship) and became the first foreign rescue ship to arrive in Japan.The southern government began to take action on September 3, calling for condolences first and then calling on the people of the whole country to donate money and materials for disaster relief in Japan.Subsequently, the people’s well-known figures and groups such as Liang Qichao, Mei Lanfang, Zhang Xueliang, local chambers of commerce, the Red Cross have come forward to donate money and supplies for Japan’s disaster relief!While mountains and rivers separate us, we enjoy the same moonlight under the same sky.In that warlord disunity, people living in poverty, in the sino-Japanese war in the defeat of compensation, Qingdao and other places sovereignty was forced to transfer to Japan under the situation, the heart of the Chinese people’s kindness, empathy was strongly stimulated, people from all walks of life have to run and cry, and Japan together to overcome the difficulties!From the beginning of September 1923, the vigorous relief activities spread out for two months until the end of October.The following is the disaster relief data of some major organizations and individuals (refer to Zong Xusheng’s “China’s Assistance to Japan in the Kanto Earthquake”) : duan Chi-jui Donation Association: 440,000 ocean;Beijing Association of Commerce and Banks: 300,000 ocean, 30,000 bags of rice and flour;Beiyang Government: 200,000 oceans;Shanghai Chamber of Commerce: $185,000;Zhang Zuolin and his son: 10,000 dollars, 20,000 bags of flour, 7,000 beds of felt, 100 head of raw cattle;Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce: $100,000;Red Cross: 20,000 dollars, 10 boxes of medicine, more than 20 rescue workers rushed to Japan;Mei Lanfang disaster relief charity performance: 50,000 ocean;In addition to the above documented donations for disaster relief, there is no record of donations from various civil society organizations, school organizations and chambers of commerce, but the total amount is not less than $2 million.The Chinese people returned good for evil and were the first to offer assistance after the earthquake in Japan. Will Japan be moved by the kindness and enthusiasm of the Chinese people?Not necessarily!In China from individual to local, from local to the north and south government to do their utmost to support Japan’s disaster relief at the same time, a shocking report came out.On October 23, 1923, Tianjin newspaper Yishi published an article entitled “The Japanese who repay Kindness with complaint” : After Japan was hit by the earthquake and fire, people all over the country gave up their old hatred and raised emergency relief for Japan. Money, food, clothing and utensils were transported to Japan.I relief compassion neighbors of virtue and righteousness, table human spirit of mutual assistance, for the Japanese disaster relief can be described as benevolent.Out of the fire and out of the banquet, the Japanese have a little popular feeling, let us not mention.According to reports from Tokyo, after Japan received relief from China, a large number of Overseas Chinese and Japanese students and businessmen were killed by China.The Lord did this to the sun, and the Sun did to me as he did to me. No man in the world has ever returned his complaint for his good.However, in the world’s turbulent day of relief cries, this report is like a boat in the wild sea, instantly gone.No one knows who wrote this article, and no one cares whether it is true that Japan’s “good for evil” is true. Everyone is still immersed in “stupidity”, running and crying for Japan’s aid, just like the nation’s war.According to the investigation by the personnel sent by the northern government, in the chaos after the earthquake, rumors of “Korean riots” were spread everywhere in Japan, and “self-police regiments” were set up everywhere to arrest and persecute Koreans, including a large number of Chinese.The Japanese claim that they mistook the Chinese for Koreans.A total of 716 Chinese were injured in the kanto earthquake in Japan, including 622 killed on the spot, 11 missing and 83 injured.What is most shocking and deplore is that the victims also include Wang Xitian, one of the organizers of the May 4th Movement and a Chinese workers’ leader!When the results of the investigation reached China, there was great anger from all walks of life, and people held protests, demanding that the murderer be punished.However, the southern government silent, the northern government negotiations fruitless, everything ended in vain.At that time, many chambers of commerce and social organizations who donated money and materials hated the previous biased behavior and suppressed the subsequent aid materials to show their repentance.It is reported that after the great Kanto earthquake in Japan, The total value of Chinese relief materials to Japan is as high as 6 million oceans!But unfortunately, the Chinese good for evil, in return for the Japanese good for evil.Afterword 8 years after the Great Kanto earthquake in Japan, Japan launched the war of aggression against China!Countless Chinese died innocently during the 14-year war of aggression, including those who helped Japan fight the disaster or their descendants.If these people knew, they would regret their kindness.For more than a thousand years since the Qing Dynasty and before that, Japan has been living and multiplying in the Circle of Chinese civilization, and the Chinese people have also been holding the wish of “a strip of water, good-neighborly friendship”, helping the neighboring country develop slowly.However, over the past 100 years, Japan, which worships Western learning, has returned good for evil and launched a war of aggression against China, the former teacher, relying on its strong national strength.Such acts of ill-feeling and lack of justice deeply hurt the good and honest Chinese people.In order for the victim to forget the past, the perpetrator of the crime must be sincere, consistent words and deeds of the confession, apology.Unfortunately, to this day, Japan has not thoroughly and sincerely reflected on its past crimes of aggression, let alone openly and from top to bottom. Some politicians have even been denying and trying to reverse the case.If history repeats itself, the earth dragon rolls again, and wildfires rage again, try to ask, who will be like the Chinese 100 years ago, stretching out selfless hands, with kindness and compassion to soothe the wounds of the people under the natural disaster?The past is the teacher of the future.History shows that foolishness only leads to a repeat of the farmer and the snake.True kindness must have an edge, don’t you think?

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