It’s ironic that Merango can’t get justice for her birth mother when she marries the Earl

Mo LAN gao married the Earl’s House but failed to “get justice” for her birth mother. It is ironic that Mo LAN married the Earl’s house successfully with the help of Lin’s Frost. She thought that her life after gao married would be different and that everyone would think highly of her, but in fact it was not so.High marry after days were no moran as better than, her husband Liang Han is a playboy, before moran to marry in the past had spoil concubine, moran’s biological mother Lin cream, because it also be shing lee under the pain killer, finally die in zhuangzi, ironically moran thought to marry into earls court can be superior, don’t want to end up all dare not to go home questioned mother’s death,Unable to “get justice” for Lin’s frost, it is too ironic.Frost, Lin baby daughter with Liang Han, because only so high ink LanCaiYou chance to marry, to the woods, frost, woman only married into halls have a way out, moran from affected by frost, Lin, natural to cream, Lin, and Liang Han unmarried pregnancy, at the time this is a big joke, even will drag down the whole family,Mo LAN and Lin Shuang took the face of the Sheng family to fulfill themselves, and finally Mo LAN successfully married into the earl’s house.After Mo LAN married into the earl’s house, Sheng Hong will signal his men killed Lin’s frost.Frost, Lin’s death, Chinese cymbidium the daughter should never go home had confronted, she knew that Lin cream, died on the zhuangzi, but not for behind “justice”, this is simply because she can not let go, wealth, not put his position at that time, more afraid to risk everything they had, she lost her mother, but can’t afford to lose holds the backer.Mo LAN’s life in the Liang family is not easy, her husband is a lover, her mother-in-law does not like her, this is far from her imagination of the day, which is why she began to break with the Sheng family, later will lick the face back to the Sheng family’s reason, because she did not dare to let the Liang family know that she and the Sheng family bad relations.Sheng prosperous home, home strong Ink orchid in her husband’s day will be better, sheng home is the backer of ink orchid, see in the face of the sheng home, beam home will not be too difficult ink orchid.The thing of Ink orchid and Liang Han is disgraceful, to Liang Han character this is love, it is calculating to Ink orchid however, she and Lin Of unborn mother frost joined hands to calculate Liang Han, also be two people release wind finally, let sheng jia sit on a tiger, must help her marry into liang Jia, all these are ink orchid dare not let Liang Han know.If Ink orchid goes to sheng home to pursue the cause of death after death, if she must let sheng home give oneself an account, so this matter may be known by Liang Han, ink orchid in liang home if lost her husband’s favor, that her life will only be more difficult.Frost, but Lin is home’s concubine, no matter how to deal with is the boss, Lin frost in small niang event, who, at the time of shing lee were detained in the palace, if, all attempts to cut her hair and sold it, shing lee as head of the home, he is entitled to deal with a mistress, even moran to query shing lee, also it doesn’t matter, after all, a concubine shing lee can literally disposal,If Mo LAN really did so, but also affect her feelings and Sheng family.For the sake of her status in the Liang family and for the sake of the sheng family, the powerful family, Mo LAN could only ignore the death of her birth mother. Speaking of selfishness and indifference, Mo LAN was even more selfish than Lin Well Frost. Lin Well Frost ordered Mo LAN to marry into the court, but Mo LAN did not say a word about her death.

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