Last 10 in 1+ penalty key 1 ball!Lebron James was the lakers’ scapegoat on milestone night

The Lakers lost their third straight game to the Golden State Warriors 115-117 on Feb. 13.James broke Kareem abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record with 26 points, 14 rebounds and eight assists, but the Lakers couldn’t win.After the lakers lost, many fans were very angry.Because the Lakers screwed things up late in the game.It’s worth noting that lebron James shot 1-of-10 in the final quarter. He needed to make all three of his free throws to tie the game, but missed the first one and lost the game to the Lakers.There’s no doubt it was a tough loss for the Los Angeles Lakers, especially on a historic night for lebron James.They played well for most of the game, even leading the Warriors at one point, but couldn’t win.It’s hard to see anything positive about the Los Angeles Lakers right now.But there are certainly ways they can continue to improve the team.The Lakers have recently been linked with a buyout candidate for Goran Dragic, and if they could land him, it would certainly strengthen their roster.It must be difficult to recover from such a terrible loss.However, the Los Angeles Lakers are led by lebron James, and maybe they can find a way to win in the future.For now, the Los Angeles Lakers are still a playoff team, and if they don’t get their act together, they might not even make the playoffs.Hopefully we’ll see them succeed in the future, but there’s not much left for the Lakers to fit in!

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