“Police rookie” 6 supporting group, Li Xinying, Park Roona must know

Recently by Jiang Daniel, CAI Xiubin starring “police rookie” finally started!This is the police university as the background of the campus love story, about 8 police college freshmen full of passion in the strict, competitive police school, overcome all kinds of difficulties and tests together, in the process, they experienced unforgettable and have a laugh and tears campus happy time.In addition to the two major leading actors let people look forward to, the play also assembled a number of new generation actors, today with you to understand the police school rookie 6 supporting roles!Supporting the police rookie group | 1. Xin-ying li (act the role ofing bye m LLT) although xin-ying li appeared in the works is not much, but once in the landing of love “, “friendship contract”, “day and night” and so on south Korean television dramas, he has a certain popularity, especially in a “landing of love” as the fifth squadron of silent but smartly players “PiaoGuangFan”,The appearance of faithful sincerity makes a person impressive!In The movie, He plays Kim Tak, a freshman from the junior judo national team who serves as the physical strength of eight freshmen.The role of “Park Gwang-beom” has made Li xinying’s spirit soar. I hope the role of “Kim Tak” will make him popular with more people!”Police school rookie” supporting group | 2. Park Roona (act the role ofhannah) I believe we are not strange to Park Roona!Since her debut in 2015, she has played many memorable roles, such as Cha Se-ri in Sky Castle, Lee Mi-ra in Hotel Deluna, and Kang Su-jung in The Arrival of The Goddess.In the movie, she plays kihanna, a hard-working freshman who always wins first place and is often regarded as the “top student” among eight freshmen in the police academy.Park ro-na, who has played a student with good grades in The goddess, how will she play such a role this time?Min Do 凞 (played by Woo Ju-young) Min Do 凞 made his debut in 2012. Over the years, he has accumulated a lot of acting experience by appearing in many well-known works, such as Please Answer 1994, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, 365: ONE Year to Reverse Fate, etc.Woo Joo-young, who graduated from science High School and dreamed of becoming a scientist investigator at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, is one of eight freshmen at the police academy.Looking forward to the performance of Min Du 凞 in the play!Park Sung-joon is active in the film and television industry. He has starred in many films, including:TV drama “the Run On”, “” search, the movie” politicians in honest “, etc., and he has a chance to play sports comedy movies starring PiaoXuJun, IU “Dream”, the film has not been released, but if you want to enjoy PiaoChengJun acting, you can see the police rookie first, PiaoChengJun plays police drama lovers “Liu Dari”,He has always dreamed of becoming a hot-blooded cop who defeats bad guys.The characters are very funny. Let’s hope Park brings some spark to the drama.Kim Yu-suk is MeloMance singer Kim Min-suk’s younger brother, he once starred in the popular network drama “Love Playlist”, the play as all the perfect business management department president “Choi Seung-hyuk”, he continued to pursue the heroine “Jeong Ji-won” appearance, attracted many audiences!He later appeared in TV shows such as Voice, Writing Your Destiny, and Lucky.In “Rookie”, Kim Yu-shuo plays a very disciplined and planned super model student “Xu Fanzhou”. He has regular behavior and integrity, but he is very good at dancing in private. Such a lovely contrast!Chun, 24, has been acting since 2010. In the past, she has appeared in Films such as Yao Han, Interpol and Judge Evil. Her delicate facial features leave a deep impression on people.This time, she played Shin A-ri, a gangnam beauty with a good face in police Academy Rookie. She is one of the eight freshmen at the police Academy.I am looking forward to seeing how sweet Chun Young-min plays a policeman!So here are 6 of the supporting characters in Police Academy Rookie, and I believe you have a better understanding of them!Look forward to the 8 rookie police academy will bring us what kind of surprise!If you don’t want to miss out on them, head over to Disney+ and watch Rookie!

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