Potatoes are not dirt potatoes are not dirt

Guangming Daily reporter Wang Jianhong Zhang Wenpan tudou, listen to the name “soil” to drop slag.But these days, in China’s famous potato production areas – Ningxia Guyuan City Xiji County, the reporter has seen another scene.On February 11, I walked into the viral-free seed potato breeding center in the suburbs of Xiji county. Through the glass wall, I saw glass bottles with viral-free seeds lined up neatly on shelves in the sterile tissue culture room.Under the light twist of the technical personnel, a seedling out of the “boudoir”, into the intelligent greenhouse, transplanted to a box.”After 25 days into seedlings, can be transplanted to the fog culture room for the original seed breeding.”Technology expert He Jiandong said.In Xihaigu, potatoes are “food in good years and food in bad years”, and have always played an important role of “saving eggs”.But over the years, diseases accumulate in the seeds and soil.Yan Shouqiang of Jingwan Village, Hongyao Township, Xiji County, remembered: “Multiple generations and successive crops were planted. Even if the weather was good, the yield was not as good as one crop after another because of disease for years.They dug up a nest and hit it with a spade. It was hollow and rotten, so we had to bury it.”The key is the seed.With the support of experts from CAAS, the introduction and breeding of potato varieties and the propagation and promotion of virus-free varieties of potato were carried out in Xiji County.He Jiandong, who has been dealing with the industry for more than 10 years, set up an agricultural company after retirement to breed virulent varieties of potatoes.Into the intelligent greenhouse, water vapor coming, looking forward, green and graceful seedlings in the box.Gently lift the black box membrane on the side of the plant, and row upon row of roots the size of pigeon eggs, some purple or white “skin” shining.Potatoes have no dirt.Intelligent greenhouse constant temperature and humidity, without a grain of soil, roots and stems grow in the moist “air”.”This is aeroponics, by absorbing the atomized nutrient solution from the nozzle to bloom and bear fruit.”Compared with traditional cultivation, he said, this method cuts out soil-borne diseases and produces seeds that are not only of good quality but also grow for three times longer.More than 30 seedlings can be planted in 1 square meter, each seedling produces about 40 seeds of the original seed, and the actual annual output is 1200 seeds.”These are precious knobs.”He Jiandong broke his fingers to calculate the account: according to the market price of each grain of the original seed 0.4 yuan, the output value of 1 square meter 480 yuan, the actual use area of this greenhouse is about 1100 square meters, all up to the output value of a year can be 520,000 yuan.At present, Xiji County has 3 such seed potato virus-free breeding enterprises, which can produce 80 million seeds of the original seed every year.The first generation is the original seed, the next generation is the first seed, and then the high quality potato.In Xiji, according to this intergenerational relationship, the generations of ancestors and grandchildren are named “Jixing”, “Jixiang”, “Jitai” and “Geely”, giving the good meaning of the prosperity of the industry.Xiji county potato planting area of 660,000 mu, its potato in addition to meet local demand, but also sold to other domestic potato production areas.Yan Shouqiang, a big farmer who suffered from seed planting, “upstream”, planted 60,000 square meters of original seed in the greenhouse, planted 500 acres of original seed in the field, 1000 acres of first-level seed, all order production.”The yield of virulent varieties of potatoes is high, with an average yield of about 3 tons per mu, three times higher than before, and the disease-free potatoes rot.Compared with the past, farmers can earn thousands of yuan more by planting one mu of land.”Yan shouqiang said.Bai Xuegui, deputy secretary of the Guyuan Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Xiji County Party Committee, told reporters: “Xiji county has formed a four-level system of breeding centers in the county, a potato base in the township, a multiplication point in the village, and a demonstration household with improved varieties. The coverage rate of potato varieties in the county is close to 100%.”Potato, once a “life-saving egg”, is now a “rich potato”, and has been deeply processed into convenient hot and sour powder and other products, becoming an important local industry to support rural revitalization.Guangming Daily (February 13, 2022 edition 02) (source: Guangming Net – Guangming Daily)

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