Suqian fishermen have a happier life after pulling in their nets

Suqian Network News (Reporter Wang Xuefei correspondent Chen Fuying Yuan Fengqi) Half a month before the Spring Festival, Shi Juchun and his wife were extremely busy: Shi Juchun imported fish, sold fish, sent fish, his wife helped, bundled crabs, packing, weighing……”The New Year aquatic products business is good, we all want to buy fresh fish and shrimp to eat or send friends and relatives.””Scichun said.56-year-old Shi Juchun is shuqian City Hubin New Area Zaohe town shizha community.He used to be an expert fisherman who lived near Luoma Lake since he was a child. He started fishing with his father when he was 13.As an adult, Scichun married and started his own business, still making a living as a fisherman.The couple went through the storm, working from dawn to dusk.Fishing gear has changed from a 4-meter paddle raft to a 9-meter diesel iron boat.Later, in order to increase income, Shi Juchun in luoma Lake contracted more than 100 mu of water purse Seine fish farming.”Fishing is a hard life, but the income is not stable and life is not secure.”Shi Jujun told reporters, because the lake Seine fish cage too many, even waterways are crowded, take the boat is difficult, followed by the lake garbage also gradually increased, Luoma Lake ecology has been destroyed.In 2018, the local government proposed a plan to “stop surrounding the lake” and replan Seine fishing, reducing the area of Shi’s family’s Seine from more than 100 mu to 50 mu.In 2021, the government introduced a 10-year ban to allow fishermen to come ashore.At first, Sculchun was as puzzled as any fisherman: “We’ve been catching fish for half our lives, and we’ve done nothing but catch fish, and now we’re out of business. How can we live?”In response to fishermen’s concerns, town and village leaders went door to door to work with fishermen, preaching policies and answering questions.In order to protect the ecological environment, the government has a series of supporting policies to ensure that people can retreat and stay stable.”First, give fishermen a one-off compensation fund;Secondly, the government pays 93,600 yuan for each fisherman’s social insurance, so that when they turn 60, they can get a pension.Thirdly, we have developed a guidance plan for returning fishermen to work, including free employment skills training, free employment recommendation, and support for starting businesses…”Lock community deputy director Kong Xiangya told reporters.The fishermen signed an agreement to return their fishing boats and gear.Put down the “old rice bowl”, how to pick up the “new rice bowl”?Some of the fishermen turned to work in factories, some dug ponds to raise fish, and some bought yachts to start tourism services.Shi, who has two fishing licenses at home, has received more than 200,000 yuan in compensation, plus compensation for Seine farming.After pondering repeatedly, history reside pure made aquatic product broker, seek outlet for the aquatic product of folks.He was honest and honest, sold fish at a fair price, never short of weight, gradually, opened the market.His daughter, who works in the city, also helps him sell on wechat.Now, the family makes a stable living by selling fish.”Looking back, the ban is a good thing. Luoma Lake is better now. There are even more birds than before.We lived a happy and secure life.”The couple are happy with their life now.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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