The first day of school zhuzhou Shifeng traffic police to protect safety

Shifeng traffic police escort school road.Rednet moment February 16 – (correspondent Hu Shenglan) February 16, the first day of the new spring semester, the sky is raining, does not affect the students carrying schoolbags cheerfully back to school, but traffic safety affects zhuzhou Shifeng traffic police all people auxiliary police heart.In order to strengthen the traffic management of key sections around the campus, ensure the travel safety of primary and secondary school teachers and students in the district, and effectively prevent road traffic accidents involving teachers and students, Shifeng traffic police will do their best to do a good job in the new semester road traffic security work.Stone mountain on the same day, the traffic police brigade police, auxiliary police early in the morning came to pioneer jurisdiction stone mountain elementary school, foreign language school, the bright primary school, maple leaf school, no.6 middle school, such as fir pond, nine elementary school jurisdictions escorted before primary and secondary school students, command channel traffic, guiding the passage of vehicles, the reasonable arrangement of vehicle parking, maintain good school surrounding traffic order at the same time,Seeing students carrying bags, the auxiliary police helped students carry heavy luggage for the first time.With the joint efforts of all the officers on duty, the school effectively guaranteed the safety and smooth traffic on the first day of school, which was praised by the majority of teachers, students and parents.In addition, The Shifeng traffic police visited the school guarded by the school, and the school leaders in charge of safety communication with the new semester traffic security work matters, strengthen the police school cooperation, to ensure a good traffic safety environment around the campus, protect the district teachers and students travel safety.

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