When the conscription period is set, you can receive a Type 21 uniform when you join the army

The Three Musketeers The Three Musketeers Author: The Cold Moon 21 military uniform is so popular these days!The Type 21 is a step up from its predecessors, both in camouflage and texture (special credit must be given to the new boot, which is called light).Come on, let’s see how everyone wants to wear it!Now, the swordsman officially announces this claim channel!Come on!Draft date set for 2022!Conscription period for the first half of the year: February 15th to March 31st;Recruitment time for the second half of the year: August 15th – September 30th.Recruitment target: college students as the focus, highlighting the recruitment of all levels of school graduates, priority approval of science and engineering students and war preparation skills needed to join the army.Age: 18 to 22 in 2022, graduate students and current students will be 26 years old.To join the army is a great honor!Also can wear free type 21 camouflage, this wave operation, don’t say swordsman jun didn’t tell you!Take advantage of the end of the year, swordsman and everyone first inventory of those hardcore fancy recruitment propaganda!In a recent special fire first recruitment AD: deqing conscription office and deqing press center invited veterans founded “dayang comic” production 2022 annual conscription joint series products, carried out in deqing county, soon, also omnipresent on the network is the special recruitment campaigns.The head of deqing county conscription office said: “Conscription propaganda has a new idea, there is a temperature, the application will be more hot.”In addition to this creative recruitment propaganda, there are “very rich” way of recruitment: beihai in guangxi, the military service organs in this municipality approval for military college students to grant one-time encourage gold, college students to issue RMB 3000 / person, undergraduate students to issue RMB 5000 / person, RMB 10000 / person for college graduates, college graduates 20000 yuan/person.Shaanxi Hanzhong is to recruit college graduates for military service registration and after signing up for the draft, according to the examination results to determine the plan to take the draft candidates, and signed the “retired employment agreement”, the establishment of the corresponding establishment of the department reserved.Mianyang, Sichuan province, has launched a program that allows university graduates who have served in the army for more than five years to apply for targeted recruitment of civil servants after retirement. The age will be relaxed by two years, which is the envy of everyone.Finally, there are some hardcore propaganda methods, it is “wonderful” ah!There’s this: this: And this: and, of course, this, replacing street lamps with pictures of martyrs, needless to say, but the best recruitment propaganda: what else can be gained from joining the army?In addition to the Type 21 uniform, you will also get a super high level of appearance!It is true that the army is a beauty salon and gym.Come,, look at their metamorphosis, still not enchanted?Being a soldier is so cool!Why don’t you take wu hook, the army can reward.Some people say that nowadays young people have been enjoying prosperity and comfort for a long time. They worship “Buddhism” and “little fresh meat” in their life, and there are many people who lack manly spirit.Some people say that this is an era of luxury to talk about “dreams”.This is because we are burdened with high housing prices, rising commodity prices, high living costs and high investment in education.Everyone wants to buy a house, buy a car, and live a good life.When we are doing business and bending over for rice, who still remembers the dream?Who can recall the boy who pursued his dream?Still remember?Wei Huixiao, the first female commander of China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning, joined the army at the age of 34, remembering her dream of becoming a soldier.Wei Huixiao, female, zhuang nationality, born in December 1977 in Baise, Guangxi, PhD candidate, member of the Communist Party of China.After graduating from Nanjing University in 2000, she worked for Huawei in Shenzhen. In 2007, she was admitted to the Department of Earth Sciences at Sun Yat-sen University. In January 2012, she joined the army and became a female officer on the Aircraft carrier Liaoning.In the 1996 college entrance examination, Wei huixiao filled in the application form was actually a military school, but for a variety of reasons, she failed to enter the military school as she wished.In 2008, Wei huixiao graduated from Sun Yat-sen University.When she learned that 34 was the deadline for graduates to join the army, Wei huixiao finally realized that she wanted to be a soldier, a dream she had buried in her heart for years.In 2012, Wei finally got to wear navy uniform, became a cadet of “One Bar”, and was assigned to the liaoning as an intern, which was a great honor for her at that time.From the day she set foot on the Liaoning, she set the goal of becoming a female captain.But at that time, the title of female captain was unprecedented in the history of the Chinese navy.”When the captain” of the dream let the woman refused to concede defeat has always insisted, until now.When asked why she worked so hard, she replied, “If you’ve never had self-discipline and thought about sacrifice and dedication, you’ve never been a real soldier.”In fact, Wei is not alone.Like Wei huixiao, there are more and more college students who have the courage to join the army.This seems to be a new fashion and trend in colleges and universities.For us ordinary people, no matter what the reason is, if we become a soldier, we will regret for two years, but if we don’t, we will regret for a lifetime. There is no denying that the experience of becoming a soldier is an important treasure in our life.Dream as a horse, live up to the time;Content firm, don’t forget the young volunteers!I have a friend Jie Ge, his “soldier’s road” bumpy and inspirational, is my role model…(Here’s what he said) : Ever seen the movie Lion Boy?In 98, I had worked in a guangzhou like o yun, my parents gave me 700 yuan, 3 classmate rented a basement, I sleep position just below the stairs, with a lion young ah yun to sleep under the lower berth, first job to promote a cleaner of the motorcycle, there is no base salary, much more selling on commission, put the rest of rent 400 yuan to buy the product,Who knows that if they have not sold one bottle for three days in a row, if they cannot sell it again, they will face starvation.On the fourth day, IN a motorcycle repair shop, I helped the owner to repair a motorcycle. The owner treated me to a lunch box and told me that the price of this product was so high that it was almost imported.I had no choice but to return the product.Later, I made several sales of things, such as sanxiao toothbrush and printing paper.The most humiliated is a knock on a door, a salesman, directly lost 10 yuan called roll.So I mean to sell is a pit, turned to work site.What I remember right is that near the Xinda Xinxin department store in Yuexiu, what we did was the curtain wall of the building.I lived on the 30th floor of the construction site, and the elevator had not yet been installed. The first day I went to the construction site, a small foreman threw two screws downstairs in front of me and asked me to pick them up.As I climbed down and handed him the two screws, he dropped off the building again, and I had to pick them up again to survive.He said, you can stay.In the rest of my life, no matter I was trained so much that I couldn’t squat down to go to the toilet when I was a conscript, or I slept three hours a day when I took the exam for the military academy, or I had anxiety and self-doubt when I was training and preparing for war in the grassroots army, but compared with the humiliation I had when I was working in Guangzhou, that reluctance was really nothing.Lion boy salty fish strong shout not to recognize, as if there is a voice in my heart sounded.All these years I’ve been fighting my fate, fighting to lose.Because unyielding, I work in Guangzhou;Because I refused to give in, I signed up for the army.Because of unyielding, I was admitted to the military academy in the proportion of 1/2000 candidates;During my years in the army, everyone around me was shining, shining and inspiring me to go forward.Even if my first education only secondary school, even if junior high school to rely on winning frame to study well, even if born humble, I do not recognize, knowing not the opponent, also have the courage to show their sword, no matter how the final result, also want to put out the attitude of the storm, die also die in the road of the storm.Wei Huixiao, the first female trainee captain of the PLA Navy, has made a magnificent transformation from a doctor from a famous university to an intern captain in order to make a valuable choice of applying for the job of an aircraft carrier in the heart of her dream.Wang Zhongxin, the winner of “August 1 Medal”, has been a soldier for more than 30 years and has always practiced his skills based on his own post. He has operated a variety of missiles and is proficient in all the positions of his profession. He has won the award of outstanding non-commissioned officers of the whole army for 4 times.In the colorful world, youth has countless possibilities and choices.Choose to wear military uniform, means to jump out of this personal world, leaving the emotional world of small joys and sorrows, small happiness, from the youth and national security closely linked.Choose to go into the barracks, will be unyielding youth into the young chest, is destined to change the “lovely” appearance, is destined to let the youth give a new background, set up a new era of revolutionary soldiers good appearance.Choose to become a soldier, every experience in the army will become a precious treasure in life, today’s suffering, tired, will eventually become the inner light, illuminate the road to a better life.2022, I’m waiting for you!!Part of the material sources: Chinese ex-servicemen, people’s front, network

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