A new cold wave is coming to Beijing to ensure the Olympic Winter Games and the city’s operation

According to the weather forecast, a new round of snow and temperature drop will hit Beijing today (Feb 12), CCTV news reported.In order to ensure the daily operation of the Winter Olympic Games and the city and facilitate the safe travel of citizens during the snow days, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management has arranged the preparation work of snow clearing and ice shoveling, heating service and electricity guarantee in advance.Up to now, Beijing has prepared all kinds of snow and ice clearing work. The city has 56,000 personnel on duty, 10,791 sets of snow removal vehicles and 100,000 manual snow clearing tools, among which 4,215 personnel are preparing snow and ice clearing for the Olympics.4125 sets of snow and ice clearing vehicle equipment can guarantee the snow and ice clearing operations in key areas such as Olympic venues (venues), Olympic special roads, bridge areas and ramps at any time.On the premise of ensuring traffic safety, parks and small squares can retain snow for citizens to enjoy the snow scenery, and then clean it in time when the snow melts.In order to cope with the coming cooling weather, heating units in all districts of Beijing have adjusted heating systems reasonably according to the weather forecast, heating up and running in advance to ensure that “temperature drops, room temperature does not drop”.For key points such as Places related to The Olympic Games and old residential areas, increase the frequency of inspection and inspection, strengthen the strength of emergency repair, especially for weak links such as old pipelines, make emergency preparations, timely handle emergencies such as running, dripping, leaking and pipe bursting, and ensure the quality of heating service.Beijing has started monitoring and warning of the risk of ice covering power transmission lines in advance.According to the requirements of “pre-snow protection, in-snow patrol and post-snow inspection”, a team of 420 people will be set up to complete a round of inspection and inspection of external power lines of important users of the Winter Olympics before snow, and do a good job of in-snow and post-snow inspection and maintenance.At present, the city has completed the arrangement of de-icing personnel and de-icing equipment in advance, and the personnel on duty at 19 ice observation points and 24 ice observation posts are ready to be on duty, and the detection means such as ice-covered monitoring devices and power transmission video monitoring will be examined and debuged again.A total of 27,806 electric power operation and maintenance personnel were arranged in the city, including 2,790 emergency vehicles and 182 power generators, to do a good job in operation and emergency repair.Strengthen the operation monitoring of the gas system to ensure the supply and demand of the whole city Beijing strengthens the connection with the supply and demand plan of the upstream gas supply units, to ensure that the gas supply enterprises have enough gas, improve the transportation guarantee scheme for users in mountainous areas, buried hills and remote areas, and prepare for the gas supply under strong snowfall and continuous low temperature weather.To do a good job in the gas supply and service guarantee work of the Places involved in the Olympic Games, steadily promote the gas safety inspection and rectification work, continue to check and dynamically eliminate the hidden dangers of gas facilities and gas users around the places involved in the Olympic Games, strengthen the operation monitoring of the gas supply system, and ensure the safe and stable gas supply of the city.In addition, the Office of The Capital City Environmental Construction Management Committee and the Office of the Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee issued an initiative, calling on all citizens to take active action, actively participate in the voluntary service of clearing snow and shoveling ice, show the elegant demeanor of civilized citizens of the “Double Olympic City”, and jointly build a better homeland of the capital.At the same time, the general public to go out to appropriately increase clothing, wear masks, do a good job of cold insulation and epidemic protection.Rain and snow slippery road, be careful to travel, to avoid slipping;Drive slowly, keep distance and pay attention to traffic safety.Editor Sun Linzhi

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