Deep condolences!Fall the star!

Gao Tianzheng, former deputy political commissar of the Guangzhou Military Command and a retired officer of the Guangzhou Military Command, died in Guangzhou on January 26, Xinhua reported On February 7. He was 91 years old.Gao Tianzheng was born in Tongxian County, Hebei Province (today’s Tongzhou District, Beijing). He joined the Army in 1948 and joined the Communist Party of China in 1949.During the War of Liberation, he served as a soldier and observer and took part in the Battle of Tianjin.After the founding of new China, he served as documents, director-general, even the political instructor, assistant, secretary, section chief, deputy director of the political commissar, director, group, division director, deputy political commissar, political commissar of the military and political, political commissar, deputy director of the guangzhou military region political department director and so on, took part in the Korean, of revolutionization, modernization and regularization of the army made a contribution.Gao Tianzheng is a delegate to the 14th CPC National Congress, a member of the 14th CPC Central Committee, a delegate to the 7th National People’s Congress, and a member of the 9th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.He was awarded the rank of major general in 1988 and lieutenant general in 1990.Go all the way!Source/Xinhua

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