Dingxi city held a rural idle school work to promote the conference

February 17, the city education bureau organized a meeting to promote the revitalization of the city’s rural idle school work, the county and district education bureau in charge of the director and related business leaders attended the meeting.The meeting listened to the progress of the disposal of idle campus buildings in counties and districts, and arranged the deployment of the next stage of work.The meeting stressed that first, strengthen organizational leadership, a comprehensive understanding of the facts.Each county area should attach great importance to, establish management work leading group, undertake investigation again to all schools inside area of jurisdiction, find out the position of all idle campus schoolhouse, quantity, teacher, building area, cover an area of an area, property right ascribe and current use state register register, ensure “do not fall a school”.Second, we should give priority to education and deal with it scientifically and rationally.Adhere to the principle of scientific disposal, in accordance with the disposal, in conjunction with relevant departments, the township government and village committee, idle campus school asset management main body joint research, combined with the local population distribution and the layout planning of primary and secondary schools, in accordance with the “one county case” a school policy, a specific disposal plan, to ensure that the foundation is clear, clear task, time limit.Third, strengthen departmental coordination and speed up the disposal process.All counties and districts should strengthen coordination among departments, make scientific disposal in accordance with the law, speed up the disposal progress of idle school buildings, and ensure efficient and reasonable use of idle school buildings.Fourth, establish a long-term mechanism to coordinate timely disposal.When formulating the adjustment plan for the layout of local primary and secondary schools, counties and districts shall also formulate the measures for the disposal of school buildings, so as to ensure the revitalization and use of educational resources and improve the efficiency of resource use.

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