Good news!China ping harvest 4 additional quota, 27 huge lineup for the New Year debut

On February 27, 2022, WTT open Oman is about to open, because before the world ranking seventh boda Confucianism and Houston world championships men’s singles runner-up morey gold choice out of the race, the international table tennis federation in the supplemented contestants gave the ping places in men’s singles four, respectively is Wang Chuqin, Lin Shidong, Yuan Li cen and yu-dong zhang, since such plus before 23 people enrolled,China Ping has a total of 27 people in the huge lineup for the first station WTT race, because of the opponent withdrew one after another, at that time in the five projects by the resistance is not big, is expected to sweep all the champions.The no. 1 seed in men’s singles is Liang Jingkun, ranked no. 5 in the world. Lin Gaoyuan and Wang Chuqin are the no. 2 and No. 4 seeds respectively, and are expected to win the men’s singles final in advance.Although there are only three main players of The National Ping team participating in this competition, they all aim to add to the number of individual singles champions in the case that Fan Zhendong, Ma Long and Xu Xin are not in the competition. As the favorites, once they enter the semifinals, it is predicted that there will be no lack of exciting scenes in the competition between the three players.Chen Xintong, the third seed in the women’s singles, won the title of no. 1 seed, but the resistance of Chen Xintong will come from his teammates. He Zhuojia, Kuaiman, Qian Tianyi and Liu Weishan are all expected to reach the final 4 or even the final.China Ping sent almost all the young players to participate in the competition, whether it can create enough difficulties for the main force and the arch-rival is also a big expectation of this Oman competition.One of the boys supplemented teenager Lin Shidong has always been the stars of the future, ping hyped, Lin Shidong is under the age of 17 national team this year the youngest men, some opinions on the play USES the common right hand rung sides loop combination of fast-break game but against former consciousness and whole sets of the American attack ability is stronger, have beat Zhou Qihao in nearly a year, Lin gao yuan, such as main record,Other notable young players in men’s singles include Xiang Peng and Xu Yingbin, who recently reached the semifinals in Macao. These young players first promise not to lose in foreign matches and then challenge their main teammates.Kuai Man, the youngest and left-hander in women’s singles, teamed up with Zhang Rui and Liang Jingkun in women’s doubles and mixed doubles respectively.Oman match main rival for the few, boda Confucianism was the no. 2 seed, but has been out of the race, he is on behalf of Russia in the Russian league and the champions league at that club has reached the champions league semi-finals, at boda Confucianism as the main force to prepare for the champions league game, and just replace the new coach wei ching kwong, dual mission match and training burden,Oman competition level is not high, just give up.Sweden’s Morregaud is also out of the tournament because he is playing in Germany.Lock in the men’s singles competition’s main rival, French Simon high boots, aruna two players in Nigeria, Simon had defeated Xu Xin world championships in Hungary to fame, after no longer with decent grades, aruna had the Olympic men’s singles top 8, Houston world championships in men’s singles top 8 likewise, one of Africa’s most outstanding men’s singles players,Is also the competition can bring threat to the country ping a few strong rivals, in addition, Taipei player Zhuang Zhiyuan is not old, worth paying attention to.In the women’s singles, only Zheng Yijing and Diaz are the most powerful rivals, but China is expected to win the men’s and women’s singles in the crowd tactics.

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