I don’t want to go home for Spring Festival.

As many overseas Chinese chose to celebrate the Spring Festival in Shanghai this year, boxes of goods laden with homesickness were sent to Shanghai from all over the country.”It’s harder to break and chewy,” he says.Zhang Danlu, a village cadre from Sanli Village, Jiading Industrial Zone, is cutting rice cakes sent from her hometown shengzhou, Zhejiang Province.Zhang said that in Shengzhou, the rice cake is also called “magnetic paste”.There are two common, white is made of japonica rice, yellow is corn cake.Every 15th day of the first lunar month, people in Shengzhou eat rice cakes.The most authentic way is to stew the rice cake together with pickles, eggs, winter bamboo shoots, tofu, shredded meat and other ingredients. The soup is fragrant and delicious.Zhang Hasn’t been back to her hometown for the Spring Festival in two years because of work demands.This Spring Festival, she also, as always, stick to their posts, guarding the lights of thousands of families.Miao, a resident of Hengli community in Jiading Industrial Zone, and his wife will welcome a new member of their family this year.On the eve of the Spring Festival, he received special “New Year goods” from his hometown kaifeng, Henan Province — baby’s cotton shoes, padded clothes and thick coats made by his mother.It is said that “children travel thousands of miles and mother is worried”. The delicate embroidery words “good luck and good luck” on the thick coat are the mother’s sincere wishes for her children and grandchildren.Wang Shuyi, whose husband is also a grassroots police officer, is a community auxiliary police officer of The Yecheng police Station in Jiading Industrial Zone.The newlyweds originally planned to return to their hometown together for the Spring Festival, but chose to stay in Shanghai because the holidays are the busiest time.”Hearing that we often have to be on duty, my parents-in-law sent us a sample.”The package from fuzhou, the husband’s hometown in Fujian province, contained a bag full of sliced taizi ginseng and a large bag of homemade fujian bamboo shoots.Although they can’t go home this Spring Festival, they have also bought a lot of goods to send to Fuzhou, Wang said.The duty of “protecting one’s safety” makes them unable to accompany their relatives, but the love of children will not be “absent”.Hua Mo lives in Jiading industrial zone Qingyang community Mr. Pang has passed 60 years, his hometown in Henan Pingdingshan.This Spring Festival, after hearing that Mr. Pang’s family decided to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival, relatives in his hometown immediately sent all kinds of steamed buns.”When Spring Festival comes, the steamed bread room in the village is very busy, as everyone is busy making traditional pasta such as lotus bun, jujube bun and fish bun.”Mr. Pang said, the steamed bun is generally made of white flour, beans, dates, etc., with beautiful shapes and bright colors, it is essential food for local festivals.In Mr. Pang’s mind, there is a steamed bun, there is a taste of the New Year.A steaming pot of steamed huamo, steamed out of the peaceful reunion of childhood memories, but also a deep nostalgia for hometown.Have you received all kinds of “Spring Festival goods” from your hometown while staying in Shanghai?Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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