Lantern Festival to welcome the Year of the Tiger Shanghe Park qingming festival to prepare for the year of the Tiger

With the current epidemic prevention and control situation gradually improving, in order to ensure that everyone has a happy and lively New Year, under the premise of strictly implementing the normal epidemic prevention and control measures, Qingming Shanghe Garden is preparing for the Year of the Tiger!I hope that during the Spring Festival, we can feel more traditional Chinese New Year flavor here, and spend a more ceremonial tiger Spring Festival here!New Year atmosphere, in the year of the Tiger limited New Year atmosphere.Spring deer, dream trip, flying luo God, Zhong Kui blessing, good luck, the year of the Tiger……Dozens of lamp sets are all over the park, and tens of thousands of lanterns hang from tree branches, creating a traditional and warm flavor of the New Year!In the dreamy splendour of the international lantern.China Pavilion, Europe Pavilion, Americas Pavilion, East Asia Pavilion, Southeast Asia Pavilion, Africa Pavilion, Intangible Cultural Heritage Pavilion, Fish Lamp Pavilion…Hand-painted + light exhibition, eight pavilions with their own characteristics, traditional style, international style, exotic style, millions of lanterns to reproduce the “east wind night flowers and trees” grand picture.In the festive folk customs of dragon and lion dances.Gaotai Huagu, lion and dragon dance, Chinese opera, folk parade, the God of wealth……The folk performance with a strong New Year atmosphere is the most traditional expression of the strong New Year flavor.In a rotation of 100 performances.Bao Gong welcomed guests, Wang Invited son-in-law, Song Ting Dream, Bao Gong inspected the Canal transport of the Bianhe River, Yue Fei gun picked the King of Small Liang, Song Dynasty · Tokyo defense battle…A classic and wonderful performances, showing the Qingming Shanghe garden distinctive Song Rhyme New Year.Decorated to welcome the Year of the Tiger, thousands looking forward to the Spring Festival.Millions of new lights, international lanterns, traditional folk customs, 100 performances!Qingming Shanghe Garden wants to give you the flavor of the New Year in your memory, unexpected sense of New Year ceremony!

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