Love to forever, how far?

Ji is beautiful, silky long hair hanging on the shoulders, white face with a unique Korean Dan wind eye, shallow smile, so that countless young people dump.Xiao was handsome, with a peachy figure and angular cheeks that made the county girls beat.Maybe it was a love affair from a past life.First see, xiao and ji see the spark of love in each other’s eyes.Handsome men and beautiful women fell in love, noisy dance halls, cinemas, silent field paths, everywhere filled with the two people that the cheerful laughter.That year ji Fangs 19 years old, graduated from high school in the supply and marketing agency to work.Xiao’s parents are leaders in the city, xiao came to the town to do grassroots training, a great future waiting for Xiao.So Xiao said: Ji, I will be transferred back to the city next year. Let’s get married and live in the city with me.Ji full of joy to say: good.Imagination is beautiful, but the reality is always cruel parents stand up against.Ji’s parents did not want Ji to marry high, and Xiao’s parents did not want to marry low. More importantly, the two nationalities had different living habits.Both parents put pressure on each other. Xiao’s mother even forced her to die. Xiao gave in.Soon a lingering dear John letter was squeezed in Ji’s hand.Ji wrote back, the letter said: break up is, good ah, xiao we see one side, love a good gather good.It was snowing, big big snowflakes dancing in the wind, Ji and Xiao looked at each other.Snow fell on their gaunt cheeks and melted, leaving them with faces that could not tell whether they were snow or tears.Ji said we make a snowman, so the two snowmen depend on each other.The snow is falling harder and harder.Shaw said, Let’s go back.Ji did not answer but turned around and pushed the two snowmen down and patted apart. Xiao silently looked at ji. Ji turned back and said: Help me push a snowman.So the two snowmen separated became one Snowman.Ji said: look, you have me, I have you, don’t you, Xiao.Xiao stretched out his hand and pulled her half and said we go back, and she squatted and broke xiao’s hand and said: Xiao go first, I want to see you go.Xiao said to go together, ji said: Let me watch you leave.That’s how I’ll give up.Xiao sighed and said, I’ll go ahead and you follow behind.Ok, ji said, I’ll run after you if you take a hundred steps.See xiao did not move ji said again: go quickly Xiao, let me look at you in the back.Xiao helpless turn around, ji in the back said: to count a hundred numbers in mind can not turn back oh.Shaw’s feet seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, one, two, three…Looking at xiao’s back, Ji murmuring in her heart.When she counted to fifty, She opened the bag slung across her shoulder and took out a small sharp fruit knife.Raise your hand and cut your left wrist hard.Xiao seems to have induction, but look back, I saw ji micro carry the left hand blood such as a red line, the wind, snow blossoming yuan if plum, little red.Xiao kneeled down in the snow, got up quickly, and ran wildly toward Her.Ji has an ugly scar on her left wrist like a centipede.Their parents gave their consent to the marriage.After the bestie looked at the scar asked ji said: is it worth it, ji said: value, without xiao I have no love.Many years later, Ji took her daughter and divorced.Oil, salt, sauce and vinegar wear off ji’s infatuation, different living habits will push marriage to death.Later, She went to South Korea, where she felt like a duck to water because of her native Korean.Ji’s daughter fell in love, the other family is not good, Ji advised her daughter to break up, her daughter refused, bestie said: Ji, you have experienced and why play yuduck.Ji said: Just because I have experienced it, I know that love is not enough in life.Yeah, it’s easier to fall in love than to stay together.Love to forever, how far.

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