More energetic appearance, more intelligent configuration, and then improve Geely 2022 Bo Yue X real shooting brief comments

Bo Yue is the star model of Geely’S SUV family, with cumulative sales exceeding 1.2 million in the five years since it was launched, which has accumulated a huge user base and a good reputation. It is a very competitive compact SUV of 100,000-150,000 grade.At the end of last year, Geely upgraded bo Yue’s 2022 products to Bo Yue X, with the selling price range of four models ranging from 112,800 to 142,800 yuan.The main change is a younger look, and the upgrade to Geely’s latest Galaxy OS operating system has given the veteran a new lease of life.Recently, we took a real shot of the 2022 Bo Yue X 1.8TD DCT Smart Collar model (hereinafter referred to as bo Yue X) at Geely Auto Kachietong store in Shenzhen to see its specific performance.New car features:1. The appearance adopts the decoration style of “Energy Storm”, the color matching is younger, and the burning orange kit enhances the sense of sport. 2.4. The whole series is equipped with 1.8TD+7DCT power combination, and the chassis is solid and resilient. The Bo Yue X is based on the upgrade of Bo Yue PRO.The cars have been upgraded with larger screens, LCD dashboards and car-engine systems, making the human-computer interaction experience much more progressive.In terms of color, the new car offers 5 matching colors of Sightly white, High wind silver, free blue, Hidden black and extraordinary grey.The front face changes greatly, before the split type small grille to the whole type big grille, more impact force.The decoration style of this set of “Energy Storm” combines elements of ancient armor and modern machine armor. The large smoked black mesh grille spreads from the logo to all sides, just like energy erupts and spreads from the center to all sides, which is quite visual tension. The bright black color scheme is also popular among young people nowadays.The transition part of the upper and lower grille is thick bright black trim, ensuring visual integrity, three-dimensional silver bottom lip to further enhance the sense of movement.”War eye crystal drill” type headlamp size is not big, but the edge has the edge of diamond very much, the internal multi-faceted reflective piece is also like diamond shine.Except for the entry-level models, all the other models are equipped with LED light source and support automatic lighting, and the LED running light around the bottom is also recognizable.Under the headlamp, the three-dimensional wind channel structure with exaggerated shape is adopted, and the rich color matching is used to strengthen the visual effect. There are silver exterior panels, bright black interior trim, and burning orange trim is to make the finishing touch.The overall structure of the body remains unchanged, with a floating roof and a strong waist line consistent with the Bo Yue PRO.The new car has done a lot of work in the appearance of black, such as bright black roof rack and antenna, new bright black wheels and other details, and in addition to the entry model are equipped with rear and rear window privacy glass, in addition to enhance privacy, also let the side window to achieve black effect.The side skirts are trimmed with bright orange stripes, a decorative trick that can also be seen on the 2021 Asian Games edition, albeit in a slightly different color and shape.The body size is 4544/1831/1713mm in length, width and height, and 2670mm in wheelbase, which is the standard compact SUV size.As the third generation of Hafu H6 wheelbase and length are significantly increased, making The Bo Yue X in the underwind, but compared with changan CS55 PLUS size is still very advantageous.The exterior rearview mirror is sleek in shape, integrated with LED side-turning lights, black and silver two-color brackets are well arranged, and the side camera integrated at the bottom is well concealed. Except for entry-level models, it is equipped with 360° panoramic image function.This top-equipped model supports electric adjustment, folding, memory, heating, automatic reversing down, automatic lock folding and automatic anti-glare functions, which are relatively perfect.The body of the same color door handle added chrome border decoration, looks very sophisticated.Middle and high models are equipped with front keyless entry function, with better overall capacitive touch unlock.Available in 18-inch and 19-inch rims, this top-rated car is the latter, with a dual five-spoke shaped like a flower core and a cool bright black finish.Orange brake calipers form a strong visual contrast and enhance the sense of movement, but the size of the calipers is small.The tire specification is 225/55 R19, the tire width is moderate, matching the German HORSE UC6 SUV series products, with good dry wetland grip and certain quiet effect.The tail has also been optimized in detail, including the addition of high brake lights in the center of the top tail fin, the addition of blackened taillight housing, the change of the internal light strip to a dense strip, and the use of privacy glass in the tail window.In addition, the height of the tailgate has been increased, the bumper section has become narrower, the hidden exhaust layout has been adopted, and the diffusion model bottom guard has become more three-dimensional.The interior of the car has also been upgraded for the decoration details, adding deep space blue + cloud white and burning red + cool black two sets of decorative styles, the former is this car.The center console co-driver part increased the bending chrome trim, the addition of a wiredrawing panel, the sense of layering is a lot richer.The configuration has also been improved a lot. The central control screen has been upgraded to 12.3 inches from the previous 10.25 inches, and 12.3 inches full LCD instrument has been added for the first time. The car and the machine have also been upgraded to Geely Galaxy OS system, which has greatly improved the intelligence of human-computer interaction.The shape of the three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel remains the same, but the material is upgraded from plastic to leather (standard), with a more comfortable touch and a suitable size.The multi-functions on the banners on both sides are controlled by buttons + dial rods. The left side is mainly used to control driving assistance, while the middle and high level models are equipped with L2 system, which supports full-speed adaptive cruise and lane keeping, and also adds the on-board wechat function. The right side is mainly used to control driving computer and multimedia system.In addition, the new car for the first time added a shift dial, which can improve the fun of handling.The top model is equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD instrument for the first time. The display effect is exquisite and the traditional dual-disc display style is retained. The left circular interior can display driving computer, and the center can display driving assistance information.Other models are 7-inch LCD + backlight display (such as the upper left).The center screen has been upgraded from 10.25 inches to 12.3 inches, and is standard for all systems. It looks a lot bigger.The vehicle is not only upgraded to Geely Galaxy OS system, but also upgraded to the most advanced 12nm process and 8-core processor of the same class, supporting FOTA upgrade of the vehicle.The left side of the screen is the vertical shortcut menu, and the right side is the corresponding functional interface. The biggest feature is that all kinds of vehicle control menus are displayed in an intuitive screen, which can be operated directly by the corresponding keys on the screen, and the experience is a lot of avant-garde.At the same time, the system also supports Tencent TAI3.0 and huawei HiCar ecosystem, and various networking functions are also very rich.Block bar table uses high layout, retained more entity keys and knobs, bent electronic block bar in the center, occupied some storage space, the right side can only be arranged long and narrow storage slot, not practical.Physical buttons on the left side include body stabilization system, steep downhill, electric rear door, parking radar.The rear is double cup groove with slide lid, and the sides have grasping handrails.In fact, the storage space of the front row is not little, in addition to the hidden double cup frame and storage case, the space in the armrest box is relatively deep, and the volume is big enough.There’s also open storage under the lever, with two built-in USB ports, though it still lacks an open cell.The interior of this “Blue Wing” is decorated with deep space blue and cloud white, which has a high sense of class. The carriage is wrapped with rich soft materials, decorated with black piano paint and chrome trim, which both looks and feels very good.In addition, the top-of-the range model also comes with its own BOSE sound system. There are 12 speakers in the whole car, and the surround sound is very delicate.The front seat is standard with imitation leather package, white and blue color collocation and interior style unity, leather also increased the perforation, better air permeability, soft and hard filling moderate, cushion length is sufficient, the back of the chair also has good lateral support and shoulder support.The top model seats are fully functional, not only support front and back, backrest, high and low, waist support a total of 12 to electric adjustment, and heating, ventilation, memory, welcome functions.In addition, the co-pilot and boss key, more advanced.The rear seat material is the same as the front row, the seat cushion is lengthened to enhance the leg support, the back of the chair also has certain lateral support, the transverse space is no problem, but also provides three independent headrest.In terms of space, Kandi is 175cm tall, with two and a half punches on his legs and one and a half punches on the top of his head, which is sufficient for his needs. The floor is also quite flat.Provide floor air outlet, USB interface and folding handrails with double cup holders.The whole system standard configuration can open panoramic skylight, lighting area is large, the rear row transparent sense is excellent.Tail volume has not been announced, the internal space is more orderly, regardless of depth, transverse or height are considerable, long-distance travel is basically enough.The rear seats support 4:6 proportional recline, flatness is also good.Underfloor is equipped with sub-full size spare tires and emergency maintenance tools.In terms of power, all bo Yue X series are equipped with Geely’s 1.8T turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 135kW (184Ps) /5500rpm and a maximum torque of 300Nm/1750-4000rpm, matched with 7-speed DCT wet dual-clutch transmission.This power combination is mature and reliable, but power explosion is general and fuel consumption is not low.Chassis has not changed, still use the front McPherson independent + rear multi-link independent suspension combination, are front front drive layout.In our previous test drive, the flexibility of the suspension is not bad, the hardness is moderate, the absorption of piecemeal vibration on the straight road is not bad, and there is certain support for cornering.Comment on Kandy: Boyue X intends to continue its vitality through youth improvement and attract increasingly younger user groups.The exterior has been upgraded quite well and it does look lively.The color scheme of the carriages is also fashionable, creating a certain sense of class, especially in human-computer interaction, with a larger screen and the most advanced vehicle-machine system to achieve avant-garde operation experience.In terms of configuration, larger wheel rims and advanced driver assistance systems are also particularly important to young users.However, its powertrain didn’t catch on, and the old 1.8T is mediocre in every way, which could affect users’ choices.

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