Posing as alipay staff fraud and theft of more than 10 million men received four years in prison

The man ding mou pretends to pay treasure staff member, in order to install pay machine or promote pay treasure to spend bai limit for, many times the implementation of theft, fraud behavior.Recently, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, Qiao Cheng District People’s Court sentenced the case, the court to theft, fraud several crimes combined punishment, sentenced the defendant Ding mou fixed – term imprisonment for four years, and a fine of 35,000 YUAN;The illegal gains shall be ordered to be returned.Trial found that June and July, 2019, the defendant did all so-and-so in bozhou city qiaocheng district three fresh noodle, claims to pay treasure to administrators, citing the door installation paypal offline payment machine, to defraud the victim Liu Moumou, Ms. Trust, after alipay Liu Moumou, Ms. For password and verify password, operating Liu Moumou, Ms. Phone pay treasure,Conduct online loans and online transfers to obtain funds for their own consumption.Ding mou in total stolen Liu’s network loan RMB 60065 yuan, stolen Gao Mou network loan RMB 8200 yuan.On October 10, 2020, the defendant did all so-and-so in bozhou city qiaocheng district the victim being home, citing do zhang operation being mobile phone and ask for the password pays treasure, in being unwittingly, as being a loan, the loan after the success, being within the alipay RMB 30400 to your card for their own consumption.On February 7, 2020, the defendant Ding mou in order to transfer security fund on the grounds, let Liu so-and-so to transfer 3400 yuan, said that 24 hours after the transfer can be transferred back, then Liu so-and-so to Ding transfer 3400 yuan.In April 24 of the same year, the defendant Ding mou in Bozhou City wanda Plaza near the high-tech zone contact didi driver Xu mou’s vehicle travel, Ding mou claimed to be alipay “brush face machine” customer service, can help Xu mou to enhance the alipay spend bai limit and cash, after getting Xu mou trust, defraud Xu mou RMB 6000 yuan.Another find out, Ding mou has returned the victim Ding 15000 yuan and obtained understanding;The victim gao mou has been returned 2372 yuan.The court thinks after hearing, the defendant ding mou steals other people’s property, the amount is huge, its behavior already constituted larceny;Fabricating facts, concealing the truth or defrauding others of property, if the amount involved is relatively large, shall constitute a crime of swindling and shall be concurrently punished.Ding mou admitted his criminal facts in court, plead guilty to a better attitude, the victim part of the loss, to obtain some of the victim’s understanding, can be lenient punishment as appropriate.The above judgment was rendered.

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