Progress a little bit every day, t-ROC probe song, Baojun 510, BMW X1 good?

Progress a little bit every day, t-ROC probe song, Baojun 510, BMW X1 good?Hello readers, here you are at last. Thank you sincerely for your patronage, and wish my dear friends a prosperous and prosperous life.As we all know, there is no central SUV raised embarrassing, not only has small burden of engine, daily use low cost advantage, and used as the work of the trade is very solid, has become an important cause of other models are difficult to break through, and recognized by most of the “girl”, and each month sales are good.This time, we will talk about some of the most durable, affordable and popular car models in a very objective and unique way, as well as a series of knowledge to see which one you prefer.The first model: T-ROC Tent-Song Sales overview: as the T-ROC Tent-song of FAW-Volkswagen, the market performance has been relatively excellent since the launch of the market, and the final transaction price of T-ROC Tent-song is also very close to the people, and has won the support and praise of many Chinese.Must know: recent period of T-ROC song exploration performance is still outstanding.It’s one of the market’s most shining stars, and has no problem beating many of the mainstream models in the SUV segment.To be honest, no car is absolutely faultless, but the market impact of the T-ROC Song still counts as one of the best.The key is probably that the superb strength of the T-ROC song is recognized by us, and it is absolutely easy to beat a number of high-end SUVs both in terms of appearance level and interior layout.Some friends think: T-ROC song’s core influence can be called bang bang, it is expected that its next stage of sales performance will certainly be a blockbuster.T-roc probe song’s overall body style is very fashionable, the car paint thickness processing is good, at the same time exquisite lines embellished among them, get rid of the old feeling.Notable is, T – ROC song car has both good temperament, at the same time, the modelling of the entire car line special ground, distinctive modelling of multiple lumbar line throughout the body, like great beautifully dressed, beautiful, have a pair like the eagle eye of automatic headlight hand in photograph reflect, lines and internal style is ground, special characteristics.Body part: as we all know, t-ROC probe song seat and trunk position is “times child” considerable, at the same time make many friends feel particularly satisfied, relatively common SUV models at the same level also want to be rich, in addition to the T-ROC probe song internal physical area of the “style” is also particularly grounding, practical is very strong.The T-ROC Probe is 4326mm long, 1819mm wide and 1582mm high, which is a great length even if there is room for several kittens in the back seat.Therefore, the t-ROC song can be said to be a reliable practical aspect.This is especially cool.And its rear container loading performance is also very reliable, but also can be stuffed into a lot of guys.Practical aspects are quite good, is undoubtedly the author’s favorite type.Power, T-ROC song power in China is undoubtedly a surprise, its engine in the best state of the maximum power up to 150P, and the addition of 7 wet double clutch gearbox, so the T-ROC song regardless of acceleration or start, are very strong.For many 7 – block wet dual clutch irons can be a big hot property.Moreover, the engine cylinder of T-ROC probe is made of aluminum alloy, so it has good oxidation resistance.In addition, the T-ROC sounder doesn’t seem to like self-priming devices, and publicly available information shows that the 1.4T T-ROC sounder is very reliable.Car friends say: by FAW-Volkswagen to build the T-ROC song, in a mainstream SUV can be regarded as the most atmospheric.The appearance level of T-ROC song is absolutely very colorful, looking up like a simple and honest “object”.It gave me a kind of compulsive feeling.Secondly, it is very satisfying to ride on the seat, and the price is great, which should be the important reason why it is so trusted by consumers.Car Friends comment 2:T – ROC agent song fuel sexual nature is especially good, should be the inevitable result of the improvement in the accuracy of oil control, in addition, I am a radical accident) is not much, sometimes also will run the desert road conditions, such as though T – ROC song watching seemed very heavy, but fuel consumption performance are excellent, normal word the whole consumption value is about 8.6 L, so it seems,The fuel economy of the T-ROC Scout is outstanding, and it should be a strong SUV in the same class.So I am very happy, and the partners have praised the T-ROC song is really good.But if the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the fuel consumption should be higher.The company I work for will reimburse me for almost all the fuel expenses, which is very good.In good conscience, the more fuel efficient it is, the better it must be.Even though the run-in time is not very long at present, it is expected that the integrated fuel consumption of the T-ROC probe will be even lower after the power system is integrated again.Industry there are words: believe there are a lot of friends have this feeling: the T – ROC agent song chassis system by spectrum, can even let T – ROC agent song is more safety when cornering at high speed, but when a road conditions is poorer, will lose a lot of comfort, if older friends, you may feel P shares can’t stand it.Then the T-ROC engine often hears obvious tire noise and abnormal sound and other problems, especially in the face of potholes and steep slopes. In addition, when refueling, it can feel an obvious sense of frustration. In addition, 1.Just drive home when feeling t-ROC song air conditioning exhaust problem is relatively serious.2. Sometimes the BLUETOOTH for T-ROC song detection is not connected to the network; 3. The near-light light has a blurred vision in rainy days.Baojun 510 former face very imposing manner, to give himself a rather domineering feeling, like a tiger, the modelling of China especially eyes, looks relatively cool, and at the same time the baojun 510 door handle place appropriately with some characteristics of wuling family have distinctive features chrome plated parts before the face of two large LED headlamp unit particularly bright eye,Its irradiation field of vision and its width have also been greatly improved.And baojun 510 side of the body is very tall, the car side of the waist line style is relatively smooth, smooth, from the rear position has been diving to the front position, so that the whole car looked particularly dazzling, and Baojun 510 glossiness is particularly good, appearance level top.Baojun 510 is very eye-catching no matter where it goes.The suitcase is particularly comfortable and the opening is big, and the two LED taillights in the back row are very imposing and look more durable, so more and more successful people feel that the appearance of Baojun 510 is more suitable for the needs of small brothers.My neighbors and old men bought this 510 mainly for its handsome shape.Shen sister, the owner of baojun 510, said: I often go to the offline terminal store test drive, at present I feel the new Baojun 510 noise reduction effect is more reliable, open on the road is quiet, even if the weight is so heavy, and so long, but the control is better.3 models BMW X1 appearance description: 279800 ~ 339800 the appearance of the BMW X1 is one of the very attract consumer market, very concise, family-run the 10-day grille mouth design can be said to be about, headlights and tail lamp is also extremely sporty, and give the BMW X1 added an important level of appearance.It looked like a sports car, with lines running from the front to the taillights, like a white ballerina.In addition, the tail of BMW X1, fresh and refined, but also sporty.All in all, the BMW X1 is just handsome!I am particularly pleased with the interior concept of BMW X1. Sufficient materials are used, the assembly process is very sharp, and the error reaches the standard. This is the general evaluation of BMW X1.On the other hand, the X1’s high-quality steering wheel feels quite comfortable in the hand, and the steering direction is precise, making the whole BMW X1 safer.In addition, the style of the passenger seat of BMW X1 is quite good with the related interior decoration, and the fit degree is very good, and the interior padding of the seat is particularly soft, even if sitting in the car for seven or eight hours, you will not feel pain at all pp.I bought it to do a large reception, and clients say it feels very comfortable to sit in it.And the X1 hasn’t had the slightest odor problem yet.And the noise in the car is almost imperceptible.Therefore, long-term companionship is safe and reliable.The power of BMW X1 can be said to be relatively fast, it is simply cool to stay, there is no lack of afterpower in the acceleration process.Basically a little bit of throttle, you can immediately experience the power of the car is very powerful.Driving is also very pleasant.Noise reduction is also very good, usually do not carefully observe, the equipment under the “roar” noise is not felt out, in addition, because the ORIGINAL BMW X1 power is very strong, coupled with the author monarch is mainly on business, so there is no need to do too much to upgrade the power performance.Car friends comment 1: BMW X1 is a good car for both home and business. It can be said that it is suitable for ikea.The front part of BMW X1 is very long, and the headlights adopt the mainstream one-piece style, which is especially dazzling after lighting.It is worth noting that BMW X1 adopts the sunken layout of big mouth in the middle part of the net, with dazzling chrome plating fabric on the surface, which is integrated with the decorative strip, looking very fashionable and avant-garde. The wheel hub of BMW X1 is aluminum alloy, which is also very coordinated in size, and the overall shape is very down-to-earth.The exterior shape looks particularly outstanding.It looks sporty from the side. The bumper is cute. It is a typical family style, more high-end than the SUV at the same price.The car drives very quietly, there is no noise!As a mainstream SUV, BMW X1’s fuel consumption performance is also very good.In a word, THE COST performance of BMW X1 is relatively good after all, high matching BMW X1 actually less than 330,000 tickets can be clinched, great without other drawbacks.Car Friends comment 2:I used to be a standard rich second generation, so is a good face, mainstream SUV, I’m not too not bashful to open out but since she bought the BMW X1, every time I took a wife, small fart child to go out, or do business out feeling te have face, touch the steering wheel it came up, and sense of science and technology is very costly,Kids out there keep asking me what the BMW X1 is.I told you the BMW X1 was your dad’s best ride.Another is the feeling of operation, sometimes talking about business upset, want to have a good rest when driving, this car can be said to have largely met my driving needs and original intention.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I satisfied with the BMW X1 is, of course, is not only good performance, but also great comfort, I grew up like a car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a private car BMW X1, ride comfort, also particularly comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and its consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.The main technology of THE BMW X1 lies in the control, especially in high-speed corners, you can obviously feel the advantages of driving after driving.To sum up, all the suVs listed this time have different guiding prices. The model with the lower guiding price is Baojun 510, followed by T-ROC Tange, and the highest is BMW X1. The suggested retail price of the model is inconsistent with the actual land price.Among them, the lowest domestic 4S prices of T-ROC Tanguo, Baojun 510 and BMW X1 are as low as 113,900, 43,800 and 181,900, respectively.I wonder which one you prefer?Here I sincerely wish my dear old iron friends good luck and prosperity.If you like this article, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Wangwang review car

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