Shandong Taishan Xu Xin to join the port, no Sun Zhuhao, he or will become the next buy tijiang

The Mood of Chinese football fans was like a roller coaster during the Spring Festival, as the men’s national football team lost to Japan and Vietnam in the round of 12 and said goodbye to the Qatar World Cup two rounds early.China then beat Vietnam, Japan and South Korea to win the Asian Cup.Although the strength of The Chinese men’s football team has been reduced to the third-rate level in Asia, but it is not defeated by Vietnam.The root cause of the loss is the lack of confidence in some of the main players in the team, and did not try their best, and this has a lot to do with the depression of the Chinese Super League in the past two years.As we all know, under the influence of multiple factors, the Chinese Super League (CSL) entered an unprecedented trough last season, and many clubs were in an unsustainable situation.As a result, many of the local players who were once so successful also need to worry about their future livelihood.Even if the club they play for doesn’t have problems with unpaid wages, they need to consider contracts and transfers in order to earn more money.A typical example is Xu Xin, the main midfielder of China’s national football Team, who plays for Shandong Taishan.It is known that Xu joined Shandong Taishan as a free agent after the end of the 2020 season when evergrande failed to renew his contract.After joining taishan team Xu Xin got the reuse of new handsome Hao Wei, he and South Korea foreign aid Sun Zhuhao became taishan team midfield of the main double backside.It can be said that Hao Wei’s wise use of xu Xin ushered in a major turning point in his career. He not only helped Taishan team win the double championship last season with his excellent performance, but also got the chance to return to the national team.Despite not getting a chance to play in the early rounds of the Round of 12 last year, Xu was named in China’s starting line-up against Oman and became one of the country’s best players in the tournament.He went on to play a full game in the national football team’s match against Australia and was highly recognized for his performance.However, in the two round of 12 matches this year, Xu xin acted like a different man.Although he scored one goal in the game against Vietnam, his overall performance was nothing like the two games last year.Why only a few months, Xu Xin’s performance in the National football team appeared such a big contrast?This has to do with the fact that he has been involved in recent transfer speculation.Because of media exposure, sun Xiang decided to join the Shanghai Harbour team in the national team, Xu Xin has become a popular figure in the domestic football world.Because of this “ungrateful” behavior, he was also criticized by many fans and the media, and became the “traitor” of taishan team in the mouth of many Shandong fans.Facing such a big public pressure, Xu Xin’s psychological state will certainly be affected, so the poor performance in the National football team is inevitable.With the “transfer port” event continues to ferment, there are also a lot of news about the transfer of Xu Xin, some said that Xu Xin will join the port, some said that because hao Wei to retain, Xu Xin decided to stay in Shandong Taishan.And recently some famous domestic football media released the news, also let Xu Xin transfer to the seaport finally had the final conclusion.It is reported that the harbour club have completed the signing process for Xu xin, and they will officially announce xu xin’s arrival when the team reassembs on 21 July.Shanghai Harbour, the richest club in the Chinese Super League (CSL), spent 12 billion yuan in 2018 season to win a CSL title after spending a lot of money on acquisitions in recent years.It can be said that now Seaport has become the biggest Chinese Super League club after Evergrande.However, they have not spent much money on domestic players.Because, a lot of seaport players are running for the club’s high salary, to join the team free.For example, Maitijiang, who joined Haigang from Tianjin Teda in the 2020 season, and Abrahan, who joined from Henan Jianye last season, did not cost the club a penny. The same is true for Xu Xin today.However, in the Teda team performance of Maiti Jiang, after joining the seaport but difficult to find the form in Tianjin.It has a lot to do with how he works with his teammates and how the team plays.And after Xu xin joins harbor, also can appear very likely similar circumstance.Without sun Junhao and Fellaini these good midfield partners, he can play in taishan when the height, it is hard to say.But it may not matter to Xu xin as he has already signed a big contract with The harbour club and whether he performs on the pitch or not will not affect his earnings.As for the new season Xu Xin in the harbour team performance in the end how, let us wait and see……

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