“Slant door artist” Xie fan: rely on a dish to become popular gourmet circle, foil dish accomplish acme!

A man with medium-long hair and pigtails on top of his head, who looks to be in his early 30s, is standing in a smoky kitchen cooking intently, filling plates of delicious food.At first glance, you will be attracted by the food.He is the man who embodies the dish and the vessel in which it is served, the chef who highlights the unique artistic beauty of Chinese cuisine.He is a “gourmet” with both taste and visual feast, but also an artist who shows the soul of Chinese food in the form of utensils. He is sichuan boy Xie Fan.This issue of child tooth children’s fun just a young student to tell you the story of Xie Fan.Xie Fan, an artist born in the 1980s, is from Jiangyou, Sichuan province.After graduating from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2005, he chose to become a “Beijing drifter”, seeking development in Beijing, the capital city with better artistic atmosphere.Xie Fan had been an assistant in an artist’s studio for 7 years. She worked during the day and painted at night. Although her life was regular, she could not realize her dream as an artist.Seeing the classmate beside him is taking the wind that contemporary art market erupts to sign a contract gallery in one after another, even some already have small fame, Xie Fan turns his back, still unknown to the public, nobody appreciates.In 2011, determined to make a difference, Xie slowly left the studio to become a solo artist.However, disrupted the regular life, but let himself into a deeper confusion and anxiety.In 2014, Xie fan, now in her early 30s, decided to return to her hometown of Sichuan province after much hesitation.He thinks he can see only artists in Beijing, while he can see more diverse people in his hometown, giving him a deeper understanding of the other side of the world.For Xie, the choice was like “coming full circle” and marked the beginning of xie’s relationship with culinary utensils.Influenced by the family atmosphere, this young man has great interest and enthusiasm for food.In the eyes of friends, Xie Fan is a very will “look for food” “gourmet”, he himself also once wanted to inherit the mother industry development medicated food, but gradually, he seems to find the love of life, his vision was attracted by those used to hold dishes utensils.Xie believes that tailoring dishes to chefs’ cooking styles not only stimulates their creativity, but even helps them develop new dishes.So he began to delve into ceramic knowledge from scratch, study and research materials.However, ceramic production is quite challenging, there are many processes that cannot be directly intervened in the whole process, and it is very dependent on people’s experience in the formula and proportion of natural materials. Fortunately, Xie Fan is not afraid of difficulties, and through many experiments and adjustments, he finally established his own standard system, so that the production of ceramic becomes controllable.Xie fan produced vessels not only beautiful appearance, but also for Chinese cuisine.He met renowned British food writer Dunlop at a book signing in Chengdu in 2016.Through the introduction of his friend Dunlop, Xie met yu Bo, an internationally influential Sichuan cuisine master, and was invited to yu Bo’s home to share food.During the conversation, the young man also hit it off with Yu Bo’s idea: since it is truly Chinese food, it should show the Soul of China, and only the utensils made by Chinese people can set off the soul of Chinese food to the extreme!There is nothing more to choose from in China than the blue and white porcelain of Jingdezhen. Although these vessels are very beautiful when viewed alone, they cannot set off the beauty of food.If braised pork in brown sauce is served on a blue and white porcelain plate, the visual effect of porcelain and food as a whole becomes “1+1 < 2".After dinner, Ms. Xie, based on her knowledge of Mr. Yu's cooking style, custom-made a list of dishes, including a bowl with a narrow mouth, a jade glaze and a relatively low brightness of white, to set off the golden, dry-roasted dumplings.Yu Bo was very excited to see the real object and went to Xie Fan's studio the next day to visit and take him as a confidant.After Yu Bo, Xie fan established in-depth cooperation with 11 chefs in succession.The chefs are diverse, including Wang Yong, a renowned chef from Hangzhou, Chen Tao, who has roots in culinary culture, and Toto, who worked at Noma in Copenhagen.One of his most satisfying collaborations was with Ensue chef Miles on the grey mallow petal bowl.This is to go with the crab dumplings.The gray of the sunflower petal bowl and the pink and yellow of the crab dumpling form a descending complementary color relationship, which happens to conform to the color matching habit in Chinese paintings. Even Miles, a foreign chef who is not familiar with Oriental aesthetics, can use this to properly express the advanced and implicit Oriental aesthetics.Xie believes that utensils are a medium that can inspire another person's creativity.He also noticed that the chefs' dishes changed after they worked with him.Xie Fan and chefs research and development together, transfer their aesthetic taste to the realm beyond art.To help chefs present a better visual expression.There is an objective color logic in the collocation of dishes and utensils. Having discovered this, Xie Fan will choose utensils with low saturation and purity to set off dishes and highlight them by contrast.Let the dishes in the same color can still appear cold and warm three-dimensional dynamic visual effect, so that the dishes are more consistent with the unique temperament given by the life culture.In addition, there is also a superposition between dishes.So when matching dishes, Xie's first task is to determine the state of the dish: whether it is dry or wet, whether it has soup and how much;Dishes need to be left open, or they need to be placed inside the vessel......After paying attention to these details, he will decide to choose the style and color of the utensils. Finally, he will take into account one of the important expression techniques in traditional Chinese art -- white space, whether the dish temperament is suitable for white space, where to leave white space, how much white space...Xie fan believes that Chinese chefs always regard the taste of dishes as their own style, but ignore the importance of "color word".Chinese dishes mostly belong to the low saturation of brown, only white or bright vessels served, easy to make dishes appear burnt, people lose appetite.Therefore, this unique artist will match the sweet and sour spare ribs with milky white vessels to reflect the transparent red and bright spare ribs soup like frozen;Will be the most fireworks flavor of the home dish mapo tofu with a simple small clay pot, warm and practical.It also matches a small bowl that looks white at first glance but is actually gray for the milky milk soup, so that dishes and utensils can produce subtle contrast in the same tone, appearing unified, integrated and distinct.For vegetables that need to be heated before they can be eaten, high temperature processing will cause the vegetables to oxidize and turn yellow, so it is necessary to use bright utensils to make dishes fresher.On this basis, Xie Fan will be stir-fried pea tip with a sauce color utensils, to reduce the low saturation of red, more can foil more ripe pea tip.Xie Fan once said that the essence of eastern visual language lies in the subtle changes of levels, which are both introversion and implication and vivid, which are in line with our distant traditional culture.Xie has now set up his studio in a new area south of Chengdu, dividing the 200-square-meter space into two functional areas, one for his studio and the other for his pottery studio, so that he can paint and create ceramics at the same time.But he spends only three or four days a week in his studio, resting the rest of the week in an old house in the Emei complex.Xie Fan's old house with a tattered small kitchen, from time to time will invite his chef friends in this square inch of a show cooking, but with Liu Yuxi's "humble room Ming" some of the same wonderful.Recently, he also opened up a new food space, and developed food dishes with several regular chef friends. He led the chefs to wander around the food market and explore authentic Chengdu snacks and restaurants.Nowadays Xie Fan had relied on his utensils to become popular gourmet circle, and the life condition of xie Fan oneself seems to be closer however "big faint at city".What do you think of Xie Fan's work?Do you think dishes need to be served on a proper plate?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better works.END two dogs

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