Trendy goods The queen! | on March 24 The tide of chery disco dancing on the cloud

The queen of trendy Chinese goods has arrived.In the spring equinox season, along with the beautiful scenery of birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers, there is a kind of family with poetry and distance, outing travel impulse.At this time, The Chery Automobile Queen Festival has entered the advanced stage, and will lead the national fashion skin care brand — Longrich CP linkage dream to close in the trans-boundary activity of champion style Queen care.So, let’s take a look at chery this time is how the cloud on the disco fancy pet powder!The year of the Tiger begins, the Tiger is safe and happy.From 19:30 to 21:00 on March 24, open Douyin search and you will find “Jinx Yo” waiting for you.Who says that men of science and technology don’t know romance, this is not, Chery will interact with national fashion skin care brand — Longrich through direct broadcast, together for your queen of the month add a minute of beauty, the queen of the Day the most important and the only love to you!That night, participate in the interaction through The Chery Auto Tiktok live broadcast room, you can kill Ruihu 7 Super Power version half-price magic car for one second, can directly deduct 43,450 yuan when buying the car.There’s an opportunity at your fingertips. Why not?You think that’s all the surprise?NO NO NO!In addition to the half-price second kill, there are real owners to share the car experience, brand Boss came to the broadcast room.Immersive grass planting, screen-brushing benefits, all in chery Douyin direct broadcast room!Enjoy the good gift — actively participate in the interaction of the host, you will have the opportunity to get VIVO mobile phone X70, worth 388 yuan queen gift package, not as exciting as action, quickly call bestie to participate in the ~ Wheat surprise — CP even wheat in the direct broadcast room to participate in fun games,You will have the opportunity to get chery’s customized vacuum thermos cup, 1:18 Tiger 8 car model, queen of The State tide gift bag and other exquisite gifts;Kill red envelope – what can 1 yuan buy?Paper towels, popsicles, mineral water, but in the Tok Tok Chery automobile broadcast room tonight, participating in the 1 yuan second kill baby, will have a chance to draw up to 3888 yuan red envelope car purchase!Really get not lose!Buy lottery – spell hand speed and double 叒 yi!That night in the live broadcast under the order of the car users, as long as your hand speed is fast enough, successfully squeezed into the TOP36, you can enjoy the value of 1999 yuan dragon film;Coupons – What better deal than car coupons!That night in the broadcast room under the order of car users, designated models to enjoy 800 yuan car coupon, limited to only 400 yo.Whether in life or work, women are doing their own queens, showing the beauty of Chinese women.Then, tonight from 19:30 to 21:30, lock in douyin Chery Automobile broadcast room, and enjoy the exclusive romantic surprise brought to you by “science man” Chery!

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