Why didn’t the men’s team congratulate the women’s team?Look at the men’s luxury cars, women’s mobile phones to understand

Title, 16 years, the Chinese women’s Asian cup trophy again back to the home, was destined to into the history of the women’s football game, facing the eight hours of rest less physical strength is not enough, in the face of the king of frost and LouJiaHui injury, in the face of the first half two goals behind, it is almost impossible to back, the Chinese women’s team girl never surrender to surrender.They use the spirit of life in the arena blossomed the sonorous roses of charm, 3-2 stunning reversal, the reversal of the significance of how much?People’s Daily with “example”, with “Chinese pride, deserved” to send congratulations, CCTV, women’s federation and other heavyweight congratulations let the fans rejoice, happy for the women’s soccer girls.But embarrassingly, when everyone was congratulating, the congratulations of the Chinese Football Association came late, and the Chinese national football Team was more faceful. In addition to Wu Lei, Wei Shihao and Dai Weijun, the other players, even the captain Wu Xi, who should have played a role of model lead, kept silent.Why didn’t the men’s team say congratulations?The men’s cars and the women’s mobile phones may be the answer.In the men’s soccer team, people are embarrassed to talk to others if they don’t have millions of cars. Most players even change cars like changing clothes. They have to update their garages from time to time.What about the soccer girl?After the women’s soccer team won the gold medal, Tang Jiaali updated her social news feed, which also showed that Tang was using an old phone that went on sale in 2019.This scene also prompted many fans to comment below: sister still use the old mobile phone, next door (men’s football team) sports car change every day, unfair.Yes, that’s the difference between the two. Why single this out?Honestly speaking, when it comes to financial ability, Tang, who plays football in the Premier League, is not unable to afford a new mobile phone, and it is not difficult to buy a nice car as a transport tool for herself.But Tang Jiali phones, insist on the old car at tottenham training, is riding a bicycle to not walk, this also let us see the different attitude, in his own or active players, women’s football players have no desire to focus on things outside and in football, they concentrate on football, the Chinese women’s football girl how can not progress?And our men’s football players, clubs, beautiful women, luxury cars have consumed a lot of their energy, and almost every player has several companies under his name, they leave the same energy for football as they do for Chinese men’s football. How can such an attitude be improved?Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete

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