Each snowflake has its own unique splendor

Xinhua News Agency Chongli, Hebei February 20 (reporter Xia Liang, Zhu Qing)The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is coming to an end. Athletes from all over the world are working hard. Behind the honors and regrets, flowers and applause, they have left many classic words shining in the river of time.– “The competition is to do it with a knife and a gun. Who are you used to when you come to your home?”Gao Tingyu, the gold medalist in men’s 500 meters speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that he felt about breaking the Olympic record.Comments: the need on the field is this kind of authoritative, give up my who’s domineering!Champion Gao Tingyu of China shows his performance in the men’s 500m speed skating final in Beijing, Feb 12, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Wei — “Am I number one?””Am I number one?Background: After winning the gold medal of women’s freestyle skiing aerialists, veteran Xu Mengtao wrapped herself in the National flag and shouted over and over again with tears in her eyes.Twelve years and four Winter Olympics later, the story finally comes to an end.Comments: Xu Mengtao, you are the first, you are the first in our hearts!Xu Mengtao of China celebrates winning the women’s freestyle aerials title in Beijing, Feb 14, 2018.(Xinhua/Fei Maohua) — “This winter Olympics has been full of dignity and I am proud of it.”Background: Yuzuru Hanyu missed out on a medal after his quadruple jump (4A), which was considered beyond the limits of the human body, failed to complete his long-cherished goal of becoming the first full 4A jump in official competition history, he told reporters.Comments: No one can win all the time, the courage to challenge yourself is unmatched.Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan competes in the men’s singles free skating event in Figure skating, Feb 10, 2018.Photo by LAN Hongguang, Xinhua News Agency — “I have less than 1 percent talent, and talent only accounts for a small part of my career, even negligible.It probably only helped me when I started skiing I learned a little bit faster.”Background: “gifted girl” Gu Ailing has become the first freestyle skier to win three MEDALS at a single Winter Olympics.She commented on her talent after easily winning the halfpipe.Comment: the prerequisite of talent is the courage to do what your heart wants.Champion Gu Ailing of China competes at the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing medal presentation ceremony in Beijing, Feb 18, 2018.Xinhua/Xue Yubin — “I skated across the finish line with a smile. I achieved my goal. This is my eighth Olympic Games.”Background: Claudia Pechstein, a 49-year-old German speed skater, is the oldest woman ever to compete in the Winter Olympics.She finished last in the 3,000-meter race and lost her 20-year-old Olympic record, but said she was grateful to be in Beijing.Comments: some people with results to create history, some people stand on the field is history.Claudia Pechstein of Germany after the women’s 3000m speed skating final on February 5.Xinhua News Agency/Wu Wei — “No matter what my result is, the biggest motivation for me is always to stay true to my original aspiration, because I love snowboarding. Everything comes from love.”Background: Su yiming, then under 18 years old, skyrocketed in the Beijing Winter Olympics, making good on her promise to become the king of snowboarding when she was younger, and demonstrating with her actions what a hero makes a teenager.In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, Su yiming said it all came from love.Comments: there is light in eyes, there is love in heart, may all the good things come as scheduled.Champion Su Yiming of China competes in the medal presentation ceremony of men’s big jump snowboard in Beijing, Feb 15, 2018.Photo by Li He, Xinhua News Agency — “Since we started to partner, there have been a lot of injuries, and then we were considered not suitable for pairs skating, and we felt there was no way out from the beginning.But what if there are no roads?Just create a path!”Background: Figure skaters Sui Wenjing/Han Cong brought China its ninth gold medal of the Winter Olympics.After the game, in the face of once questioned and pressure, Sui Wenjing so domineering response.Comments: there is no way in the world, walk more people, became a way.Sui Wenjing (front) and Han Cong of China compete in the pairs free skating competition in figure skating, Feb 19, 2018.Photo by Cao Can, Xinhua News Agency – “The gold medal won by beating all the opponents without losing a fight is the same as the bronze medal won by 16 years of hard work, going through all the peaks and valleys to reach the stage of the Winter Olympics and fighting to exhaustion.”Background: What is more significant, a winter Olympic gold medal at 25 or a bronze medal at 41?The 41-year-old Captain of The Canadian men’s curling team has his answer.Comments: The Olympics is never just about winning!Brad Gushew of Team Canada competes in the men’s bronze medal curling competition on February 18.Wang Jingqiang, Xinhua News Agency reporter — “I will cut them out and donate them to the Children’s Wig Fund for children suffering from brain cancer.I’m working with a charity that studies brain cancer and want to raise some money for them.”Background: Matt Hamilton, second base for the U.S. men’s curling team and Olympic champion in PyeongChang.Four years ago, he had short hair.This winter Olympics, although they only finished fourth, but his long hair has its own mission.Comments: In addition to the Olympic Games competition and hard work, also never lack of love.Matt Hamilton of the United States (C) tosses during the men’s bronze medal curling competition in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 18, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jing qiang — “No matter success or failure, I think they are all good memories. I hope I can have more memories in this Winter Olympics. I think this is something that can make me recall happiness for a lifetime.”Background: Jin Boyang finished all his competitions at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, but he has been everywhere since — visiting venues to watch events, cheering on his teammates and posing for photos with foreign athletes.Jin boyang explains his “high activity”.Comments: there is only one champion, but some experiences are worth remembering for a lifetime.Jin Boyang of China competes in the men’s figure skating singles free skate competition in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 10, 2018.Photo by LAN Hongguang, Xinhua News Agency — “I watched that video again and again and I cried because it was the most loving thing in my life.The one who says’ welcome to China ‘makes me cry every time because they are so nice.”On the night of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Us athlete Tessa Moder made a video recording of her winter Olympics journey. She shouted “Ni hao” in Chinese to a volunteer on the sidelines as she entered the stadium. A volunteer gave her a warm wave and replied “Welcome to China” in English.Comments: “Faster, Higher, Stronger — More United”.The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on February 4.Xinhua/Chen Yichen

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