In 2003, a Man in Sichuan lent his house to a colleague. Eighteen years later, he went to ask for it, only to find it had been sold by his colleague

“We bought the house from the landlord. We paid for it and signed the agreement. Where did you come from to pretend to be the landlord?””You nonsense what, housing proof all in my hand, you top which sign of the agreement, this is clearly my house.”Uncle Wu shouted angrily to the person who had just spoken. He did not know him, but this person was now living in his house.It turned out that 18 years ago, Uncle Wu had lent his house to a colleague, but when he tried to ask his colleague to take it back, he found several strangers living in his house.Uncle Wu hurried to contact colleagues, but the colleague’s phone has been in the shutdown state, he almost asked all people, but always can not contact the original borrow their own house that colleague.According to the strangers, the house is likely to be sold to them by their colleagues, but now people can not contact, Uncle Wu, like ants on hot pan, can not bear to worry.In desperation, he had to find a reporter, hope to be able to help through the reporter, the problem to solve.What on earth was going on then?Is it really as Uncle Wu says?Where did the colleague who borrowed the house go?In April 2021, in order to find out what happened, the reporter followed Uncle Wu to the house he said.The house is located in Ma Jiao town, according to Uncle Wu, he is 82 years old this year, before retirement he worked in Chengdu Railway Bureau Ma Jiao ba engine depot, and this house is a unit of welfare housing.At that time, Uncle Wu was about to retire. It was a good time for him. He thought that his son had grown up and would soon get married and live with his son and daughter-in-law, which would be very inconvenient.It is very clear from the policy that this welfare house is jointly funded by the railway Bureau, railway branch, section and employees. That is to say, if you want this welfare house, employees also need to contribute 3000 yuan as the construction fund.In addition, the policy also states that the ownership of the house after completion does not belong to the individual, but to the railway authority, and it is only a lease relationship with the employees.Uncle Wu carefully studied this policy, although it belongs to the rental relationship, but there is no problem to live for several decades, when the time comes for himself and his wife to leave, who also tube so much, thought of here, Uncle Wu clenched his teeth out 3000 yuan will get a welfare house.It was 1990 at that time, 3000 yuan is not a small sum of money, for this, Uncle Wu also felt distressed for a long time.After paying the money, the house was quickly divided, wu got a 56 square meters apartment with two rooms and one hall, although the area is not large, but good lighting, very bright.Standing in the new house, Uncle Wu’s mood is very happy, think of the future will live here for many years, Uncle Wu also specially looking for someone to decorate the house, you know, the old house can be his own decoration, he can not be willing to spend this money.After the house was decorated, Uncle Wu and his wife moved in.Just moved into the new house, Uncle Wu hummed a little song every day, difficult to hide the happy mood.But before long, he began to worry, the original unit promised to residents for housing rental card has not come down, which makes Uncle Wu’s heart is very insecure.As a result, Uncle Wu ran to the housing office to ask about the rental voucher, until 2001, the unit finally began to distribute vouchers, the news of Uncle Wu immediately went to apply for a housing rental certificate.Considering that he and his wife are old and will not live in the house for many years, Wu registered the name of his son, wu Chuan, who is also a railway bureau employee, on the house rental certificate.In this way, Uncle Wu has been living in the welfare house until retirement.Retired, worked most of her uncle wu feel very incommensurate, used to work is the maximum, now stay at home all day, don’t even know what’s the date today, in addition, living in flats are railway administration, staff and family members, everyone go to work during the day, the big ye wu want to next chess are unable to find partners.Seeing that Uncle Wu was unhappy all day, Aunt Wu suggested that they go to live with their son and daughter-in-law and take care of their grandson.Wu Chuan was transferred to Mianyang shortly after he started working and got married in mianyang. Therefore, Wu Chuan bought his house in Mianyang.So, the old couple packed up and went to mianyang son’s residence, longjiao town welfare housing will temporarily empty down.In 2003, uncle Wu, who was playing with his grandson, suddenly received a strange phone call from a man who said he was Xiao Zhang. He heard that Uncle Wu’s house in Longjiao town was empty and no one was living in it. He wanted to ask uncle Wu if he could lend it to him for a while.Xiao Zhang was Wu’s colleague when he worked in the Railway Bureau. When he came to work in majiao Dam Locomotive Depot, Wu was already about to retire. In his impression, Xiao Zhang was gentle, polite and modest, and Wu had a good impression on him.However, it is not a small matter to borrow a house, besides, Uncle Wu and Xiao Zhang have nothing to do with each other except for a few words at work. Therefore, Uncle Wu instinctively refused Xiao Zhang.But Zhang did not give up, and he even said in a rapid voice with a cry that he was suffering from leukemia and that it had not been long. Chemotherapy had almost spent all his savings, and his girlfriend had been taking care of him during this period.”He said he wanted to break up with his girlfriend, but she insisted on marrying him and he wanted to give her a home. That was all he wanted before he died.I was thinking that Xiao Zhang was almost the same age as my son, so I lent him the house without discussing it with my family.”I thought, since he wasn’t going to be here long anyway, I would do him a favor.But to think that he could have done such a thing, to take advantage of my sympathy to steal my house! What a wicked man! ‘Uncle Wu said angrily.So, is the fact really like what Uncle Wu said?Is Xiao Zhang a cheat or not? Where did he go?With doubt, the reporter knocked on wu uncle this welfare room door.The man who opened the door was a middle-aged man named Guo.See to the reporter next to Uncle Wu, Mr Guo suddenly understand what is the matter, did not wait for the reporter to speak, Mr Guo went straight to Uncle Wu said;”You how come again, I am not early to say with you, this house is from landlord that buy, you want to say you look for before landlord want to go!”See Mr. Guo mood slightly excited, the reporter hurriedly advised: “you don’t worry, we just come to understand the situation, the matter solved, Uncle Wu won’t bother you again, this is not the best of both worlds!””It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it. I didn’t buy the house. My brother bought it.I have told the old man several times, but he just won’t listen to me.Say that finish, Mr Guo helplessly say.According to the information provided by Mr Guo, the reporter found a teacher in Ma Jiao town, which is Mr Guo’s brother.For the arrival of the reporter, Guo teacher is obviously waiting for a long time, he came straight to the reporter and Uncle Wu said that he is in the hands of xin Juan to buy the house, and they also signed an agreement, Xin Juan will also housing rental card to him.Who’s Xin Juan?Isn’t the housing rental certificate only one and in Uncle Wu’s hand?So where’d You get xinjuan’s?Guo teacher’s words let reporters very surprised, who is lying, what is the truth of the matter, all this is too strange.Through understanding, the reporter is informed that Xin Juan is xiaozhang’s wife, and Xiaozhang died a few years ago, not long after Xiaozhang died, Xin Juan sold the house to return home.Original such, this also explained why Wu big ye all the time dozen impassable small zhang’s telephone, small zhang did not cheat, he really got leukaemia, also really did not lead long then died, buy a house is small zhang’s wife Xin Juan.So, xin Juan hand housing rental card is which come?What is uncle Wu hiding after all?The shocking truth in the reporter’s repeated questioning, Uncle Wu finally said the truth, he said that when the house was lent to Zhang, thinking about one thousand units someone to investigate, Zhang what procedures are not, the office will be him out how to do, so he will be housing rental vouchers to Zhang.See Wu uncle said so, a side of the teacher Guo sneer two way: “I have not seen which unit points out of the house also not regularly go to the investigation of the population, I see you this house is not lent out, but like to sell out!””You this is slander, kui you or teacher, full of nonsense, I am completely out of a good wish to help small zhang, you don’t in this injustice good man” Wu uncle excited jump feet.In fact, the reporter’s heart is also very confused, if in accordance with what Uncle Wu said, he put the housing rental voucher to Xiao Zhang, then this voucher is finally how to return to uncle Wu’s own hands?Uncle Wu probably did not expect the press conference to ask this question, for a time stood there fumbling.While miss guo heard this problem appears very excited, he said that he bought this house, 7 years from XinJuan 12 years wu big ye seek, he was just in the house with my brother guo about anything, big ye find wu illustrates their relationship with the house, and then ask them to lend housing rental vouchers to uncle wu use for a period of time,Uncle Wu’s son needs it to buy a house.”At that time, he (Uncle Wu) assured us that he only took the certificate to prove that it would not have any impact on the house, and let us trust him. But I did not expect that he did not return the housing rental certificate, and now he has changed his face.”Mr Guo of these words really also let the reporter eat a surprise, Wu uncle previously is not so told the reporter, he said he just wanted to ask the reporter to help back his house.Is Uncle Wu’s purpose really so simple?If it is really like uncle Wu said to reporters, things have passed so many years, he had so many opportunities to return to their house, why choose in 18 years?In response to the reporter’s question, Uncle Wu said that he and his wife used to live with their son perfectly, but two years ago, his wife passed away and he was left alone. There were many things that his daughter-in-law and father-in-law needed to avoid, and he himself felt very inconvenient.So, is this really the case?How will the dispute between Mr Guo and Mr Wu about this house be resolved?”The ownership of this house is in the railway bureau. No matter Uncle Wu or Xiao Zhang or Teacher Guo, they have no ownership of this house, so the transaction between them is not legally effective.”Welfare housing director so said.According to the person in charge, after the welfare house was just built, the neighborhood was still very prosperous, but in 2008 the earthquake affected here, although the reconstruction after the disaster, but the railway branch has been transferred from here, the staff also followed the transfer, the welfare house is not many people live.In addition, we also learned from the head, like a big ye wu, for this kind of situation is not a lot of railway worker before he left, can choose to transfer the house to go out, but they have no right to do so, the railway has already begun to transfer of illegal possession and sale of the house to clean and punishment.See welfare room chief say so, guo teacher and Wu uncle express willing to give welfare room to railway bureau group housing management personnel, as to the house still can not live, who belongs to live this problem, by railway bureau say.Things have come to this point, Uncle Wu also finally said he wanted to return to the real reason for the house.It turned out that Wu’s son’s work unit launched a new housing policy, which stipulates that each employee’s family can only enjoy one set of affordable housing.The affordable housing is different from the welfare housing of Uncle Wu. It is bought by the employees themselves, and the ownership belongs to the employees themselves, but the purchase price is at least more than 200,000 yuan cheaper than outside.But because Uncle Wu had previously registered his son Wu Chuan’s name on the housing rental voucher of this welfare house, if not disposed of, his son will not be able to enjoy the new housing policy.This is the end of the matter.What seems to be a farce without an end actually reflects many problems, that is, the indifference to the concept of law.If you have to name a victim from this matter, it can only be The teacher Guo, spent money but also lost the house.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Contact/submit email:

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