Such as tiger add million | liugong excavator eight day schedule

In 2022, Liugong Excavator Is in full operation, giving back to new and old customers, and casting 100 million yuan. Eight times good gifts bring a series of surprises, interlocking.① During February 1st to 7th, 2022, during the seven days of the Spring Festival in Liuzaihui # jiaoji Qitianle # under the topic of jiaoji pictures, after background review can get a random red envelope.② The machine photos need to be watermarked with time and place.③ The photos shall not be repeated, repeated posts will not be reviewed, can not get a random red envelope.④ Each approved post will get a random red envelope, you can publish more than one post every day, the daily red envelope is not capped.⑤ The amount and receipt of red packets can be viewed in wechat Payment SMS or bill payment.① During February 1-8, 2022 in Liuzi Hui inquiry page to fill in your or your friend’s real inquiry information, the system will automatically jump out of the coupon.② You can only choose one of the three coupons each time. You can use the coupon against the deposit in the double deposit activity from February 8 to February 20, 2022.③ Different coupons can only be used for specified goods.④ The coupon is valid from February 8 to February 20, 2022. It is not available at any other time.⑤ Coupons cannot be forwarded, and only one coupon can be used for each product and each order.① Pay the corresponding deposit in Liuzai Mall during February 8-20, 2022, you can get double the deposit interest, up to five times.② When you pay the deposit, you can also use the “national registration coupon” to reduce the cash.③ The biggest strength in the history: small dig 1000 to 3000, dig 2000 to 10000, dig 10000 to 30000.④ Customers who pay the deposit can also participate in this series of surprise lucky draw, gathering ceremony and other multiple gifts, but can not be used together with other promotional activities of Liugong.⑤ The customers who pay the deposit must use the machine before April 28, 2022. If they fail to pick up the machine after the deadline, they will no longer enjoy the preferential benefits of the machine purchase, and the deposit will not be refunded.⑥ The customer who fails to pick up the machine shall exchange the parts equal to the deposit at the dealer before May 31, 2022. The parts will become invalid after expiration.(1) During February 8-20, 2022 in Liuzai mall to pay the deposit and in February 8-April 28 to lift more than 2 machines of more than 20T in the big dig customers, can also enjoy the rights and interests of the gathering ceremony.② Specific policies will be announced on The official We-media account of Liugong Excavator on February 8.Thirty years of gratitude | 30 cities linkage site lottery on February 20, 2022 (1) held on February 20, 2022 national city 30 joint exhibitions.② Users who pay the deposit in the activity of “Online Juhui, double the deposit” can participate in the on-site lucky draw of the exhibition in their region.③ All preferential rights and prize money of this event can only be enjoyed before April 28, 2022.From February 20 to April 28, 2022, the official account of Liugong Excavator Douyin Kuaishou will be broadcast regularly.② “online great hui, double the deposit” deposit customers can participate in live lottery, model and many other gifts.③ Tiktok coupons and Kuaishou coupons will also be offered, but they cannot be used together with discounts such as doubling the deposit.On April 28, 2022, Liugong Excavator will present the ultimate prize to customers.② Customers who pay the corresponding deposit in Liuzai Mall from February 8 to 20, 2022 and register before April 28, 2022 are eligible to participate in the drawing of the ultimate prize.③ Please pay attention to the official real-time news of Liugong Excavator for specific policies.

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