Wudang mountain office: early mobilization early deployment to ensure that the work to achieve a good start

Recently, Wudang mountain office around the “four improvement” and “five break five” work requirements, combined with the actual work to straighten out ideas, strengthen measures, firm confidence, take the initiative, through early planning, early mobilization, early deployment, and strive to achieve the first quarter of the work “off to a good start”.Break down tasks step by step and compress target responsibilities.In accordance with the targets of consolidation, loan and expansion in 2022 and the actual situation of Wudang Mountain Special Zone, scientific research measures were taken to reasonably decompose the targets and tasks, and monthly reports on the completion of tasks were made to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, so that everyone has goals in mind and everyone has tasks on their shoulders.Increase propaganda efforts, steadily promote convergence and expansion.On the one hand, the initiative docking Wudang Mountain Finance Bureau, to understand the housing provident fund allocation situation;On the other hand, we will strengthen the publicity. Based on the publicity on the network platform, we will publicize the provident fund policies for the benefit of the people to the homes of the units with more employees, and connect the provident fund payment in the first quarter.Strengthen the guidance of the network hall to achieve faster and more efficient business.We vigorously carried out the “online business hall”, “wechat public number”, hubei government affairs service network and other contactless handling modes, especially the annual review of housing provident fund in January. The office actively guided the unit’s handlers to handle the online review and timely review. At present, the annual review rate has reached 70%, effectively improving the efficiency.Strengthen risk prevention and control to ensure standardized operation.First, carry out risk investigation and “look back” investigation on seal management, business management and approval process;Second, all cadres and workers sign a commitment letter of professional ethics to strengthen self-discipline management;Third, strengthen post-loan management and give early warning and disposal in advance of possible overdue loans.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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