A foreign accountant, with the formula won the first prize 14 times, lottery rules in many countries because of him and change

What we know is finite, and what we do not know is infinite.– Laplacian Mathematics is a discipline in which talent and hard work are indispensable. Those who are addicted to the world of mathematics love to shuttle back and forth, calculate and verify mathematical formulas.In the eyes of ordinary people, those who are proficient in mathematics are like the “chosen ones”, who can solve the most complicated mathematical problems under their pen.This may be the charm of mathematics: “it can only be seen from a distance, but not at the same time.” However, all theories are really useful only when applied to practice, and mathematics is no exception.Mathematics plays an important role in the field of physics, chemistry and even the gambling industry. Calculus in mathematics plays an important role in controlling the speed of drivers to win the championship. Probability theory and statistics in mathematics are also filled with the atmosphere of the gambling industry.In gambling, ordinary people bet on luck; mathematicians bet on probability.There was such a man in the casino in Romania, who won the first prize of the lottery 14 times and won tens of millions of dollars just by virtue of a simple mathematical formula, forcing many countries to change the lottery because of him. He is Mandel from Romania.Mandel, the genius behind the everyman facade, had no enviable background, just a love of mathematics.Mandel came from a very poor background. In the 1960s, Romania’s economy was in a slump, and the direct effect of its lackluster market was that people’s incomes were generally low.At that time, Mandel was just a small accountant in the company, and would indulge in mathematics in his spare time.However, the low income was not enough to support the family, and Mandel was always looking for other ways to make money to support his family.In Japanese novelist Keigo Higashino’s The Devotion of Suspect X, the hero uses mathematics to save his mother and daughter from murder. In Mandel’s case, he uses mathematics to find a way to make money.Using a simple formula, Mandel, who loved math, extruded the top five digits of the winning lottery ticket, leaving the final digit unconfirmed.However, this has narrowed down the winning field considerably, and what is left is a matter of probability. If you buy all the remaining tickets, you will win.So, he launched the family relatives old and young to buy these tickets, will be able to win all the chance to stay in their own hands.At the end of the game, Mandel won the grand prize. After paying back his friends and relatives, he still had $4000 left, which was a shocking astronomical amount for a small accountant at that time.The experience of winning the lottery with the mathematical formula reminded Mandel that if he wanted to win the casino, he could win the lottery with the help of probability theory and the deduction of the formula.Human nature can not resist the temptation of money, a victory to encourage him to win the heart of the prize is more and more strong, Mandel, dressed as an ordinary man but master the genius of the knack, set foot on his legendary life journey.Winning 14 times to win the grand prize Mandel in order to better life, the family emigrated to Australia, this time, he will make money or the vision of the gambling industry.Mandel used a formula to derive the number of likely winners in the lottery, then defined the range of numbers that would win, and then bought up all of them.However, when he moved to Australia, he could no longer borrow money from friends and relatives to buy lottery tickets. In order to raise more money, he developed the winning technique into a business.Drawing on connections from his former job, Mandel turned to investors for fundraising, using the prospect of winning the lottery to persuade them to put their money in his pocket, and each of them would receive a handsome payout.As investors poured in, Mandel set up his own company to win lotteries.In the 1980s, Mandel’s company won 12 lotteries in Britain and Australia, totaling $400,000.But mandel’s success in the lottery has also caught the attention of lottery officials.Lottery officials noticed the loophole in the winning ticket, and in an effort to make it less costly, Australia immediately changed its lottery rules to prevent Mandel from buying large numbers of tickets personally.Realising Australia was no longer the right place for him, Mandel turned to the US, where gambling flourished in places such as Las Vegas, where he repeated his old trick of buying lottery tickets with investors’ money and winning huge sums.As the saying goes, “If you walk by the river, you will never get your shoes wet.”Once, as mandel in Australia can not take the initiative to control the lottery transport in the United States, resulting in the purchase of millions of tickets in the United States all short, the winning number of the prize exceeded mandel’s previous plan, which led to the huge amount of money behind mandel could not sleep easily.In addition, mandel’s repeated victories in the European and American lottery markets have attracted great attention from officials in both Countries.It’s not just Australia that restricted Mandel from buying tickets. After discovering the loophole, lotteries across Europe and the United States changed their rules to prevent future gamblers like Mandel.Mandel attacked the lottery market in Europe and the United States by intelligence, and eventually fell at the foot of the capital.Legend after the curtain falls mandel, by the investigation of the Western countries, but in the end, there is no legitimate reason to sentence Mandel guilty, Mandel returned to Australia to enjoy their happy happy life.In the end, the brilliance of genius was extinguished by capital, and the legend of Mandel still circulated on the streets of lotteries.If capital is a storehouse of great treasures, mathematics is the key to it.Mandel just use a simple formula in mathematics and probability theory, to the European and American lottery market caused a huge change, also let his life from a poor young man to a rich man full of money, let people have to say: “knowledge changes fate”.There is a maxim in materialism: “Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.”Some knowledge, perhaps when it is lifeless lying in the book, it is boring, tasteless, but when it is really mastered by ourselves, use, perhaps is the key to change the fate.If Mandel had not been born in Romania, a poor country, but in a rich family, he would have used his love of mathematics to display the brilliance of his genius in other fields in the most appropriate way.

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