Beijing guoan is expected to sign a “new pride” : a good defender who helped his team win a championship at the age of 20

Although the Chinese Super League (CSL) has fallen into an unprecedented slump in the past two years, some clubs that still have the pursuit of league results are actively looking for new players to prepare for the league next season, and Beijing Guoan, the old power of the CSL, is one of them.Because last year in the team of 5 big foreign aid all out of the team, this year guoan transfer action quite fast.At present, the club has not only recalled Xie Feng as the team’s new coach, but also re-signed former general Zhang Chengdong to strengthen the team’s defensive line.From the current national security personnel configuration, the team before and after the 3 lines need to supplement through the introduction of reinforcements.In midfield, in particular, the departures of Augusto, Vieira and Fernando saw guoan drop more than one level in quality last season.Because of the lack of a few outstanding ability of the powerful foreign aid, guoan used to be the most good at passing control play by a great restriction.Therefore, the new season guoan certainly need to introduce high-level foreign aid, to improve the midfield strength of the team.This has been confirmed by Indaily, which recently reported that Adelaide United captain Stefan Mauk is interested in joining the Chinese Super League.Adelaide has already received an offer from a Chinese Super League club.Monk, 26, is an attacking midfielder who can play in a variety of positions, from central midfield to central midfield.Mork’s height is not high only 1.74 meters, but his running ability is very strong, the feet are also very outstanding, the organization of attack is his strength.After making his debut with Melbourne City, Mock joined Adelaide United in the 2015 season at the age of 20 and helped the club win the Australian Super League title in his first season with the club.He has since played for Dutch side Nijmegen.He returned to the Australian Super League for the 2018 season and rejoined Adelaide United two years ago.Monk played 21 AFL games for Adelaide United last season, scoring one goal and making 10 assists.Those numbers don’t fully capture Mauk’s impact on the team, as he averaged five threatening passes per game last season and made at least one interception in every game.It can be said that Mork, is an offensive and defensive midfield player.Shandong Taishan and Beijing Guoan are reported to have been linked to Monk.However, from the current taishan team midfield personnel configuration, they do not particularly need mok this type of player.Because he is very similar to the characteristics of The South Korean foreign aid Son Joon-ho, now Son has become the absolute core of the team’s midfield, Hao Wei can not let son joon-ho and Mok Lai as the engine of the team’s midfield.So Beijing Guoan is now the most likely candidate for Mok.And at present guoan team is also in urgent need like Mok this kind of attack and defense good organization midfield player.Of course, Mork also has a big flaw, and that is his character.It is reported that Stefan – Monk’s temper is very hot, often in the match of sudden outbursts, resulting in a red card punishment.Last season, he received two red cards in the Australian Super League.However, when Augusto just joined the National Security, temper is also very strange, often because a little unhappy on the field temper.But after more than a season of running in, Augusto is also thoroughly into the Guoan team, guoan midfield became the real thigh type foreign aid.Therefore, as long as Xie Feng can measure Mok’s vein, give kindness and power together and stimulate all his advantages, Mok may become the “new Augusto” of Guoan.According to the relevant website, monk’s current transfer value is only 750,000 euros, even if the premium is not more than 1 million euros.Such low transfer value, also completely in the national security club within the range of bear.So, if Guoan can reach an agreement with Adelaide over a fee, there is still a good chance they will be able to lure Monk from the club.It remains to be seen when the club will officially announce the arrival of Mork…

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