Common annotations for SpringBoot

Springboot: @springBootApplication;@ the Repository.@ Service;@ RestController;@ ResponseBody.1. Spring Boot is a new open source framework provided by the Pivotal team based on Spring to simplify the construction and development process of Spring applications.Spring Boot simplifies complex dependency management by removing a large number of XML configuration files.Spring Boot has all the excellent features of Spring. Spring Boot can do all the things Spring can do, and it is easier to use, more functional, more stable and robust performance.2. The @SpringBootConfiguration annotation inherits the @Configuration annotation, which is mainly used to load Configuration files.@SpringBootConfiguration inherits from @Configuration and has the same functionality, marking the current class as a Configuration class and incorporating into the Spring container one or more instances of methods declared in the current class marked with the @Bean annotation, and instance names being method names.Starter is a very important mechanism in SpringBoot, it can be integrated into the starter complex configuration, we just need to introduce the starter dependency through Maven into the project, SpringBoot can automatically scan and load the corresponding default configuration.The emergence of starter frees developers from tedious framework configuration and focuses more energy on the development of business logic, which greatly improves the development efficiency.

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