Famous brands have increased their prices again

Starbucks is raising prices!On Tuesday, many consumers found that their Starbucks coffee seemed to cost more than their cup of coffee on Thursday.That’s right, on February 16, starbucks raised prices again, following a price hike four months ago.When users checked the official Starbucks APP, they found that many products, including Americano and latte, were priced at 1-2 yuan higher than before.For a large cup of coffee, for example, American coffee rose from 28 yuan to 30 yuan, latte from 32 yuan to 33 yuan, flat white from 37 yuan to 38 yuan.All in all, the price of hand-brewed coffee increased by 1 yuan and that of American coffee by 2 yuan.Some snacks, such as ham and cheese Croissants, Cuban style chicken sandwiches, increased by 1-2 yuan.Shows some sun on February 15 and 16 February record two days of consumption, the same specifications of the cold extraction iced coffee and hazelnut flavor and total iron was $2 difference before and after left left left, starbucks respond: “since February 16, 2022, starbucks will store some drinks and food to the Chinese mainland for a slight price increase.All packaged coffee beans and coffee cups and other peripheral goods are not within the range of price adjustment.Pricing is based on a number of factors such as operating costs.”The news of Starbucks’ price hike has aroused a lot of discussion on the Internet.Some netizens believe that the rise of one or two dollars is not big, it’s no impact to those who love to drink starbucks left left left but also has a lot of net friend, bai “” rose don’t drink, coffee shop so many, now already is not the time for starbucks dominance left left left starbucks CEO will continue to rise in price, in fact, the prices are not suddenly announced.Back on February 3, Starbucks announced it would raise prices in 2022 to offset soaring costs.Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said he expects the price increases to continue in the coming months.Starbucks is raising prices in the US as well as In China.On a conference call last week, Kevin Johnson reportedly noted that Starbucks raised prices in the U.S. in October and again in January.He added that the company plans to raise prices further this year.”We plan to take additional pricing actions this year.”The price increase brought in an increase in sales.During the conference call, Kevin Johnson said sales at Starbucks stores worldwide rose 13% in the three months ended Jan. 2, and 18% at stores in North America, partly because of price increases.China, Starbucks’ second-largest market, is struggling.As of January 2, 2022, starbucks has 5,557 stores in the Chinese market.In its fiscal first quarter, Starbucks opened 197 stores in China and entered 16 new cities.Starbucks has nearly 18 million active members in China, up 2.6 million from last year, and those active members account for 75 percent of sales.But starbucks reported a 14% drop in same-store sales in China for the quarter, driven by a 9% drop in average customer unit prices and a 6% drop in transaction volume.Starbucks has opened more than 1,200 stores in China in the past two years, mostly during the pandemic, and 70% of its growth in the country has been driven by new openings.Starbucks is accelerating its entry into more new cities, increasing penetration in existing ones and accelerating market sinking.Starbucks had planned to open 6,000 stores in 230 cities in China in fiscal year 2022.In addition to Starbucks, “Master Kong Uni-President part of the price of instant noodles” also hit the hot search, the news pointed out that due to the sharp rise in raw material prices and other factors, master Kong, uni-President and other enterprises, the price of some products ranging from 0.3 yuan to 0.5 yuan.February 16, the reporter visited nanjing a number of large business super understand, master Kong, unified and other brands of instant noodles not only did not price, there are some promotional activities.On the same day, the enterprise official customer service response: did not receive a notice of price increase.After the price increase of melon seeds and cocktails, will the price of instant noodles also rise?Recently, there was news on the Internet that instant noodle companies such as Master Kong and Uni-President announced that they would adjust the prices of some of their products, and relevant topics became hot searches.Sources said that since 2021, raw material prices have risen sharply, in order to ensure a stable and orderly operation of the fast food business, the price of some products will be adjusted.Then it came out that master Kong barrel noodles rose from 4 yuan to 4.5 yuan;Uni-president packaged instant noodles rose from 2.5 yuan to 2.8 yuan;Nissin raised prices by as much as 12 percent for about 180 of its instant noodles.On the same day, Master Kong, unified official customer service to reporters said that the price did not receive notice.”We have also noticed rumors of price increases in the market recently, but we have not received any notice of price increases, nor have we issued any notice,” said uni-President customer service.As listed companies, the two companies did not disclose the product price increase announcement.Despite the brand’s denial, netizens on social media still have a lot to say about the rising price of instant noodles.Many people are “insensitive” to the price hike. “Since last year, many products have raised prices, so I’m used to it,” said a netizen.”The increase is small, buy more discounts, should eat or have to eat.”Another netizen said: “I don’t like eating instant noodles anyway, so it just goes up.”In China’s instant noodle industry, there are master Kong, Uni-President, Jinmailang, White Elephant and other brands, both of which are listed in Hong Kong.In the first half of 2021, the group’s instant noodle revenue was 12.7 billion yuan, accounting for 36.0% of the total revenue, down 14.7% year-on-year, according to tingyi’s financial report.The company said it was mainly due to a high base of market demand during the same period of 2020 due to the epidemic.At the same time, the company’s gross margin also fell due to higher prices for its raw material palm oil.In the first three quarters of 2021, unaudited after-tax profit was 1.489 billion yuan, with the growth mainly coming from the food business, namely instant noodles and heated food, according to the uni-President announcement.Societe Generale Securities research report analysis, although raw material prices rose, but the company’s profits are more stable.Greendawa futures analysis believes that due to the spread of overseas epidemic and adverse weather, palm oil and pulp and other raw materials in short supply, prices rose.Palm oil accounts for 18 percent of the cost of instant noodles, while flour accounts for 30 percent of the cost, with the costs of the two ingredients skyrocketing since the beginning of 2021.Other ingredients of instant noodles, including chili powder and starch, have seen their costs rise to varying degrees.The impact of rising prices of food raw materials has begun to transmit from the upstream to the downstream, coupled with the increase of logistics, transportation, channels, brands and other costs, the cost pressure of enterprises has increased.

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