Hou Youyi lu Xiuyan declined to join nominating committee, Lu Mingzhe said Chu “made elementary mistakes”

The Kuomintang (KMT) has launched its year-end election campaign, and recently announced the list of eight members of the central Nominating Committee led by party chairman Eric Chu. However, new Taipei City Mayor Hou Youyi, Taichung City Mayor Lu Xiuyan, and Chiayi City mayor Huang Minhui, who is also the party’s vice chairwoman, declined one after another.KMT legislator Lu Ming-che said yesterday that he thinks this is a very low-level mistake, too hasty and very inappropriate. Hau Lung-bin, former vice-chairman of the PARTY, said that he “did not receive consultation” after being appointed chairman of the presidium of the judges last year, and he has already neglected it twice. He hopes that the PARTY central Committee can find out the problem.Chu announced the list of members of the central nominating Committee, and three of them declined one after another the next day, raising suspicion of horizontal communication problems.It is reported that Chu visited Hou youyi at the New Taipei City government last week, and the two talked for nearly 100 minutes, exchanging views on the layout of the year-end election campaign and the auxiliary election work.Senior media person shallow fall yesterday in an interview with wang LuMingZhe, confirmed by the and Lu Xiuyan himself, Eric chu beforehand is on two people participate in the activities of the joint, and luo met asked, when he replied “I might want to consider to reply,” Eric chu “inform” who have been met, Lu Xiuyan found out to answer “, “surprisingly list was published,But Mr Lew said he “meant well and didn’t want to embarrass the chairman”.Lu mingzhe said, “In all political contests, the one who makes the least mistakes will be the winner. The 2022 election for county mayor will be held soon. Of course, WE hope that the KMT central committee in charge will have fewer such problems.I think it really is.Decision by the end of the election, he insisted, “the central committee” list, in addition to the President and secretary general, only then find six members, since the six decide this year is the most important thing, how is it possible to confirm candidate didn’t theme with a good communication with each other, face to face but on other occasions with said, should go to a meeting invitation, too hasty, and announced without confirmation again,It’s also very inappropriate.Hou Youyi was asked yesterday whether Chu had been informed of the nomination when he announced the list?If already declined, why does the party central committee still announce?Hou responded, “Thank you very much for the kindness of the Party chairman. We all work together to fight for the candidates nominated by the Party. Thank you.The outside world questioned zhu Lilun’s leadership of the royal out of the problem, Hou Youyi said, the election is coming, the party has the party system, we do things together, good, hard to win the election, so refuelling together.(Xue Yang/Editor) # Taiwan #

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