“Let’s go pick up the folks and go home!”More than 110 teachers were dispatched to many places to ensure the transfer and return of services

“Dear campus leaders, due to work needs, we urgently need to arrange volunteers to assist quarantined people to return to Work in Hangzhou. We will leave soon…”At 8 o ‘clock yesterday evening, binjiang District bureau of Education issued a gathering order, the district of more than 50 school teachers enthusiastically signed up, today, more than 100 teachers formed a volunteer team, they will be divided to Jinhua, Ningbo, Shaoxing and other places, to ensure the smooth “home” of isolated people outside the area.At 10 am, 9 teachers volunteer team set out!At 12:30, 79 teachers set out!At 4:30 p.m., 31 teachers set out…Although it was the start of spring, the sun was slightly out, but the wind was still cold. Wrapped in a thick down jacket, Lou jianbo took his wife’s bags and set foot on the bus to Ningbo.He is a teacher at Hangzhou Olympic Sports Experimental Primary School and has been teaching physical education for 17 years. Last night, he just returned home from his assignment in The Binhe community talent apartment in Jiefeng. When he saw the call from the volunteer group, he immediately signed up.Due to the scattered distribution of quarantine points outside the area, the assembled volunteer teams should be ordered to set out in groups and batches.In the afternoon, Lou Jianbo arrived at the Binjiang District Education Bureau early. As a member of the Ningbo Yinzhou District Group, he was responsible for assisting the group leader to contact the group members separately.”We will have a short training session before the expedition and another group coordination meeting on the way to Ningbo.”Lou jianbo said, although the specific task will not be known until ningbo, but for the volunteer team, everyone is experienced in fighting the epidemic.On January 27, the Binjiang District Education Bureau gathered more than 580 party members to go to the front line to fight the epidemic, Lou jianbo is one of them.On 27th and 28th, he was in charge of transporting nucleic acid test samples at xixing Street Health Service Center.He is in charge of delivering supplies and feeding pets to their homes at the binhe Community Talent Apartment complex, which is in dire need of support.”Yesterday, the lockdown control building in the community was unsealed, I was on duty, everyone was very happy, some residents also sent a ‘Baymax hard’ cartoon handwork, I was very moved after reading!”Even though his face mask hides his smile, Lou still remembers his smiling eyes.”I hope the isolated residents who are far away can return to binjiang as soon as possible!”Just off the front line, and signed up for the front Lou Jianbo said, “where there is a need to go, do not have to do psychological preparation, even if there are difficulties, we are confident to solve!””We’re the mother family, and we’re going to take the folks home!”This is not only Lou Jianbo’s determination, but also Binjiang’s concern for all the isolated residents in distant places.It is reported that in order to do a good job of transfer and return work, on February 3, Binjiang district has sent 45 organ cadres, the establishment of 7 working groups, today, the 110 volunteers have been binjiang’s third batch of “war” team.In the next few days, the volunteers will collect information about people at quarantine sites in various cities, make a daily repatriation plan in advance, coordinate with local authorities to carry out nucleic acid tests and other matters, and assist in handling procedures related to medical quarantine and observation of contacts.

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