Multi-dimensional advantages ask the best choice of M5 users

Nowadays, new energy vehicles have gradually replaced fuel vehicles and become the first choice for consumers to buy cars.Both new forces and traditional car manufacturers are accelerating the process of electrification to provide users with a full range of electric travel experience.Therefore, the new energy field is still the top priority of each car company this year.And as the first car launched by Sialis AITO, ask bound M5 launched the rear drive standard version, four-drive performance version, four-drive flagship version of three configuration models, the pre-sale price is 250,000, 280,000, 320,000 respectively.So let’s see what it looks like!The appearance of AITO M5 adopts extreme simplicity and pure design language, with smart body posture and ample interior space.The length, width and height of the new car respectively reach 4770mm, 1930mm, 1625mm, and the wheelbase is 2880mm, bringing broad interior space, with the sail aluminum wheels and 0.32CD ultra-low wind resistance, both super sports sense and SUV stable sense.In addition, AITO M5 has a total of six car paint colors, three interior colors, can provide 18 different styles of color combinations.For the interior, the AITO M5’s interior blends a sense of luxury ambience with a sense of pioneering technology.The 10.4-inch curved LCD instrument panel adopts natural bending design on both sides, which is similar to the design of mobile phone curved screen. The 15.6-inch 2K HRD intelligent central control large screen has 16:9 ultra-narrow frame, creating a strong sense of science and technology.It is worth mentioning that, in addition to having a large space rarely at the same level, AITO M5 uses a total area of about 2 square meters of panoramic canopy in the car, which will bring you an open and soothing ride experience.AITO M5 makes luxury a standard accessory, creating perceptive luxury cabin from multiple dimensions such as vision, hearing, smell and touch, providing users with a physical and mental habitat harbor.ICAS air purification system can automatically detect the environmental air quality and purify, with exclusive fragrance system to keep the car fresh environment.NVH soft and hard controls create a quiet, library-class cockpit for constant comfort.Intelligent lighting, L2+ automatic auxiliary driving, V2L reverse charging and other configurations can also greatly improve the safety and convenience of users to pick up cars.In the era of “appearance level is justice”, Wenjie M5 has captured the hearts of many consumers through its extreme aesthetic design.In addition to the appearance of the effort, Cyrus in the performance and configuration of the heart.I believe AITO ask the M5 with multi-dimensional advantages, will stand out in many models.

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