News feature: Community volunteers set out in the early hours of the morning

“Inform residents to take their cell phones, ID cards, wear masks and go to the town square for nucleic acid tests…”At 4 o ‘clock this morning, when the city is still “asleep”, yao Zhuang community affairs hall, the staff has been busy receiving and making calls.As the communities in the containment and control areas of the current epidemic, the number of residents participating in the second round of nucleic acid testing in the areas was quickly checked.At the same time, mobilize volunteers, micro grid long inform residents of nucleic acid sampling, the task is urgent.Wang Qinhua, member of the Yaozhuang Community Party Branch and deputy director of the neighborhood committee, introduced that at present, half of the 45 micro-grid leaders in the community are in the control area and can only contact the residents in the grid through the micro-grid group line.The community organized volunteers and other microgrids to inform residents to complete nucleic acid sampling nearby through loudspeaker broadcasts and door-to-door reminders.At the scene, volunteers have come to receive small speakers, divided into the area to carry out publicity.”I joined the volunteer group when I saw it yesterday.It is the duty of all of us to prevent and control the epidemic.””Volunteer Feng Yiqing said.”Residents, nucleic acid sampling has begun today. Please wear masks, bring your ID cards to the nucleic acid sampling site and complete the nucleic acid sampling at the nearest place.”Wang Qinhua, who sweeps the building with a small loudspeaker, said he should give as many rounds of notice as possible to make sure no one is missed.In taoyuan Xincun community office hall, more than 60 volunteers have finished gathering at 5:30.Taoyuan New cun community residents committee staff Ding Yinji, they released a volunteer recruitment notice on the Internet, many people signed up overnight, came to gather early today.Yang Junfu and Yang Shengmao are the only pair of “father and son soldiers” in this group of volunteers. After learning about the recruitment information, they signed up for the first time.”To fight the epidemic, I hope to end the epidemic as soon as possible!”Yang shengmao said.(Source: Website of Jiashan County People’s Government)

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