Nourish liver and blood mulberry, black bean and chrysanthemum tea

Mulberry, black bean and chrysanthemum tea The Yellow Emperor neijing says that “the liver can see when it is affected by blood”, and “long sight hurts the blood”, so we want to supplement the liver and blood, liver and kidney with the tonic, Yin and blood together.Mulberry, black bean, walnut kernel, black and purple into the kidney, and kidney, blood, Yin effect.With partial into the liver of chrysanthemum, moistening dry and heat with the same bubble, can be the same liver and kidney tonic, the loss of liver blood back.Ingredients: 6 chrysanthemum flowers, 5 grams of mulberry, 10 grams of black beans, 5 walnut kernels, a few momordica fruit.Practice: Put all materials into a health pot or casserole pot, add 1800 ml water, boil over high fire, simmer slowly for 15 minutes, then drink.Luo han fruit sweet taste is heavier, according to personal preference, 1 can be divided into 8~10 times of use, break a small piece into.Usage: Take one dose daily, 3 days a week.Note: this tea is mild in nature and can be drunk except at the beginning of a cold.But walnut, momordica fruit has the effect of slightly embellish bowel to relieve constipation, diarrhea with caution.# Yunzhu health preservation #

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