“Praying fish” jumps into visitors’ homes

“Up, up!To the cheers of onlookers, the net is slowly pulled out of the water, and the fish inside are alive and kicking.Tourists flock to the Ming Mausoleum scenic area in Xuyi County, East China’s Jiangsu Province, Feb. 3, 2019.At 10 PM, the scenic spot before the dragonfly pool reservoir, with a sound “net start”, workers will be net out a circular submerged in the water, after a minute Seine slowly, silver carp, carp, crucian carp, grass carp, etc on the net friskier rolled in, with the cabin, the shore, people also cheered for it to take photos as a souvenir.With the dragon dance on the shore, flower boat performance, the whole fishing scene is lively, a bumper harvest scene.Hundreds of fish were placed in three red canvas tanks for tourists to guess the weight. If the guess value was close to the actual weight, they would be given away for free.Afterwards, groups of tourists under the guidance of the staff personally experience the fun of casting nets.This is the first time to experience the excitement of fishing. The fish are big and fresh.I wish you all a happy And prosperous New Year.”Nanjing tourist Zhang Bingjia said.”The Longfeichi reservoir is connected to the water source of the Huaihe River, and we release fry every year without adding any feed.”Tan Yong, head of the Ming Mausoleum scenic area, said that “people put the day to raise” fresh fish pure natural, pollution-free, tender meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition, loved by consumers, concentrated when the catch in short supply.Xuyi has 108 reservoirs, and the “Huannong Reservoir Fishing Festival” first held in the Tianquan Lake Scenic area has attracted a large number of tourists, said an official from the xuyi County Cultural, tourism and tourism Bureau.Taking advantage of the situation, relevant departments in tianquan Lake, Ming Zuling, Huanghuatang three regions, planning to develop three 4A level scenic spots series of ecological tourism belt, drive along the three towns of 23 reservoirs, so that the people of more than 30 villages to eat “tourism meal”.The beautiful vision of building cultural tourism “reservoir fish Economic Zone” in Xuyi county is to have more flowers and a promising future.Deng Yong, party secretary of Xuyi county, said the huannong reservoir, Longwangshan reservoir, Shangying reservoir, Duntang reservoir…Every year after the winter solstice, reservoir fish tourism products have been “online”, forming a different style of reservoir fish fishing spectacular scene.The ecological protection and the development of ecological tourism complement each other, making xuyi reservoir “have fish and surplus every year”.Reporter Chen Haixia correspondent Lv Lv Zhou Ying

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