Snow, enshi police guard all the way

When the Spring Festival festival atmosphere has not dispersed when working out who travel rucksacks cold snap, low-temperature ice, ice and snow take turns to hit the road again sounded dangerous red alert high-speed bayonet, the province thoroughfare, country road flashing fluorescent yellow busy figure unattended, patrol, zone, rescue them here, we keep “tiger” peace!Near national highway 242 dragon river power station police take command snow retention vehicle orderly by accident section was township in accordance with the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control by the provincial highway bayonet police car check health code keep up enshi north exit of north gate highway enshi police check remind safety travel by car sunriver township Ma Mao village-level highway police rope together with the masses to a trapped because of the road is icyVehicle pulled to safety at an altitude of 1900 meters, crane road 160 kilometers to the police in the ice and snow melt agent in addition to the 318 national road sections policeman crouched shaw home depression as trapped vehicles to install chain to help the driver safety on return dart white in line (enshi “Bai Yangping to chongqing fengjie) large bay (small place names) sections of civilian police to” two guest a dangerous “vehicle inspection clay township MAO tamura to flatThe police in Banqiao town joined forces with the masses to pull and push a vehicle stuck on an icy road to a safe place

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