Tongnan district was rated as advanced county in 2021 national Village cleaning Action

NongCunBu February 16 (PRC chongqing recently, agriculture, national rural revitalization bureau issued by the “about prizes in 2021 the national village clean action” notice “(hereinafter referred to as the” notice “), and to 98 measures powerful, outstanding achievements, in the village clean action notice on praise, “advanced county of chongqing model.flood-control area among,It is one of the city’s two listed counties.Stressed that the “notice” around to improve the rural residential environment regulation action plan for five years (2021-2025) “as the guidance, insist on” based on clear, focus, focus on change, promote beauty “of the 12 words, expanding” sanqing change “content standards, focus on cultivating peasants health habits, continuously improve the cleaning mechanism,We will beautify and improve the appearance of villages, and move faster to transform their environment from clean and tidy to beautiful and livable.It is reported that since 2018, Tongnan district has launched a village cleaning campaign, focusing on launching farmers to carry out “three clean and one reform”, including cleaning up rural household garbage, cleaning up village ponds and ditches, cleaning up livestock and poultry breeding and other agricultural production wastes, changing the bad habits affecting the rural living environment, focusing on cleaning up dirty and poor village environment.Over the past three years and more, effective measures have been taken and the area has been rapidly organized. The long-standing situation of dirty, chaotic and poor rural areas has been reversed, and the vast majority of villages have basically become clean, tidy and orderly.Village cleaning action has become a key carrier for rural areas to do great things and do good things with less money, and an important starting point for the improvement of rural living environment.(Liu Zhengning, Li Zhao)

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