Bloomberg: Ubs liwei Feng was priced at 10 yuan each

Chinese New Year is coming, “pari is” is a traditional Chinese culture.Major banks are offering the coupons to customers free of charge as a way to bring good luck in the coming Year of the Tiger.Investment banks in Hong Kong are offering free coupons to their clients by betting on secondary market platforms in the city, Bloomberg reported.According to Bloomberg’s ranking of the average price per coupon on investment banks such as Facebook Marketplace and Carousell in Hong Kong, UBS’s coupon is the most popular, with a price as high as 10 yuan each.In second place is Credit Suisse, at rmb6.20;Morgan Stanley is in third place, at rmb5.90.HSBC, the leading local bank, ranked sixth with a seal bid of 4 yuan per unit.Although electronic sealers have been widely promoted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional paper-made sealers with exquisite design are still the mainstream.This year, THE seal of UBS is designed with tiger pattern, and the material is made of a special three-dimensional mist surface, which attracts people who like to collect the seal.The report also pointed out that Hong Kong spends up to 300 million Hong Kong dollars a year on printing envelopes, and investment banks are increasingly sophisticated design envelopes.Data source: Bloomberg

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