Family trust soared by 13 billion yuan in January. What other ways can the rich protect and pass on family wealth

I don’t know if you’ve seen Downton Abbey before, but in the story, the Earl and his family live in the beautiful downton Abbey.They do not produce, but they eat, wear, and do everything with great care, just like a dream of red mansions. Even the servants are divided into three, six and five levels.A whole family of pampered lives, supported by a family trust!Who wouldn’t want to live such a life? Now, rich Chinese bosses have also taken an eye to family trusts.Data showed that the size of family trusts increased by 12.899 billion yuan in January, up 33.54 percent from the previous month and hitting a new high in nearly a year.Is the age of family trusts really coming?Are family trusts worth buying?Family trust, boom!Family trust, namely natural person entrusts a trust company to keep (hold) the behavior of property.There were early signs of his rise.As early as the end of September last year, the existing scale of Family trusts in China has reached 310 billion yuan, and the number of family trusts has reached about 15,000.Surviving family trusts are so popular that they can go up for 6 quarters in a row!It’s all in our country’s private entrepreneurs, the strong desire to inherit property.There are 32 million private enterprises in China, and many owners and shareholders want to allocate a family trust.Who let, the interest rate in China is really not good now.Securities research reports are beginning to predict that domestic interest rates continue to decline!Wealthy bosses have few options.By comparison, trusts are hot property.Besides managing money, family trusts can also plan taxes and insulate debts.Attractive to bosses!His advantages, let’s talk about ~ family trust, what are the advantages?Family trusts, very secure.Some time ago the hit TV series “Small Min home” inside, Li Ping early to her daughter to buy a good family trust.There is the following dialogue in the TV series: “The trust I set up a few years ago has money for my daughter. Will that be affected?””Don’t worry about that. When you set up the family trust, you were in a good financial position and funded legally.”After Li Ping home misfortune, all property was checked, she bought her daughter’s family trust, really not damaged.From here, we can also see the fierce family trust!And he has three big advantages.1. Asset isolation to avoid debt and tax avoidance.2, can guarantee the beneficiary’s property, the beneficiary’s arrangement is flexible.3. Customization is more personal. You can set your own unique way of handling trust property, distribution conditions, distribution period and so on.In general, the richer they are, the more suitable they are for family trusts, because they have less need to beat inflation and risk management, and it is more important to isolate and pass on assets.But family trusts are not perfect.What are the options for ring-fencing assets other than family trusts?In Downton Abbey, the Earl and his family face a crisis due to the wrong investment of property in the family trust.This also makes us alert, family trust may lose money!For example, if the money in the trust is invested in new energy at the end of last year, it will lose too much ~ and according to the regulations, the property in the family trust shall not be less than 10 million yuan, the threshold is too high.The people we’re used to seeing setting up family trusts, they’re all big shots.How do we ordinary people segregate assets and keep them stable?You can do that with insurance, you can buy an increased lifetime, you can insulate your assets.And he has four big advantages.1, property inheritance 0 risk, an insurance policy can be passed 3 generations.2. Lock in returns. You can lock in 3-4% returns when interest rates go down.3, stable appreciation, 10 times of the principal is possible.4, isolation effect, property isolation.We ordinary people can rely on their own long-term savings, accumulate a lot of money to prepare an increased life expectancy, this money can be spent for themselves, but also pass on the line!Is a better option than a family trust

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