I owe Guo shiqiang a championship!Guangzhou double kill Shanxi Yang Guide oral Chen Yingjun too like Guo Allen

99-97111-105!This is the score of the two matches between Guangzhou and Shanxi.The guangzhou team coached by guo Shiqiang, former head coach of Liao Basketball, successfully doubled the Shanxi team coached by Yang Xueceng, and enjoyed two consecutive wins.The two games were very close, the first meeting between the two sides, The Guangzhou team played the whole Chinese class, can be said to be unexpected beat shanxi team, because Shanxi already had a small foreign aid Field in the seat, and the guangzhou team in the situation of the two teams’ domestic strength is equal, Jane zhen is a miracle.Both sides of the second game guangzhou is also a weak side, because their small foreign aid Mason injury did not play, only big foreign aid leaf available.But shanxi team has been field + Simmons of the double foreign aid combination, book strength is far stronger than guangzhou team.But the result was that Guangzhou team beat Shanxi team again, made the impossible possible.Thanks to guo Shiqiang, guangzhou’s head coach and champion, Guangzhou defeated Shanxi twice.I believe that fans of guangzhou team know that Guangzhou team in Guo Shiqiang did not pick up the coach before, rarely entered the playoffs, is known for the low-profile team.But as soon as Guo picked up the pointer, everything changed for the better.The biggest feeling from last season was that the team’s spirit has changed, it’s more cohesive and not as fragmented as it used to be.And the season guo Shiqiang put the “poor and weak” Guangzhou team into the playoffs, enough to see its coaching skills – champion coach is not a wave of fame.Speaking of champions, Shanxi head coach Yang Xueceng and Guo are also sichuan champions, and both led Sichuan and Liao to meet each other in the 2015-16 finals. Yang’s team defeated Guo’s team 4-1 to take the title.But the winner in the eyes of most, the value of sichuan team is less severe, because of what happened during the finals outside factors lead to the liao basket attack, then days for hand fracture for the season, and the game back with wounds in pg and Liu Zhixuan game has also come under the serious influence, so the sichuan team accounted for cheap,Kind of took advantage of the chaos to win the championship.On the other hand, Sichuan was a team of three foreign aid at that time, while Liao was a team of two foreign aid.However, six years later, this season in the case that guo Shiqiang’s team is weaker than Yang Xueceng’s team, the former beat the latter, enough to prove that Guo Shiqiang’s coaching ability is better than Yang Xueceng. If there was no off-court brawling incident in that year, maybe liao Basketball won the championship that season.In that respect, the CBA really owes Guo a championship.For Guo shiqiang, perhaps even happier than the regular season double victory over Shanxi is that he has already produced a second Guo Allen in Guangzhou.Tong Jiajun, the nephew of Du Feng under his command, played a highlight in the second game against The Shanxi Team.Guo Allen Chen Yingjun since Guo Shiqiang left liao basket team coach to guangzhou, the guangzhou team soon with the shadow of the liao basket, because in the liao basket meet Guo Shiqiang class rumbled Guo Shiqiang past was Mr. Charge liao basket one of ten years a protege, so even though he’s gone, but Mr. Use or he teaches those tactics.And After Guo Shu to Guangzhou team is to continue in accordance with the standard of the championship team he created in liao Basket in the high standard of guangzhou team, so the majority of fans and friends regard Guangzhou team as liao basket two team, all support Yang Ming support Liao basket fans, at the same time support Guo Shiqiang and his Guangzhou team.And a team to have cohesion and super combat effectiveness, it must have its own core players, all technical and tactical systems must be built around this core.Like liao basket of the first core players is Guo Allen, and Guo Shu to Guangzhou team also quickly established the team’s first core, he is double can defend Chen Yingjun, small Guo Allen.Under Guo’s coaching, Chen has undergone a qualitative change this season, with his 20.1 points per game ranking fifth in China, just ahead of Guo Alun, who averaged 21.5 points per game.Chen Yingjun is no doubt guo Shiqiang’s most proud work in Guangzhou, but also to his nephew Guo Allen as a benchmark to build.Praise to Guo Shu, in the training of the guard this piece, he is undoubtedly the most outstanding — Liao Basket double star Guo Allen and Zhao Jiwei is the most proud of the work of Guo Shu in the past, to Guangzhou team after he taught Chen Yingjun cost soil top 5 quality guard, great.Potential nova TongJiaJun above have been said to Guo Shiqiang emphasis has been placed on the defender’s ability is unique, even the guangdong tigers boss Du Feng to Guo Shiqiang admire, this season he will send his close nephew TongJiaJun Guo Shiqiang efficacy, under instructions of Guo Shiqiang Du Feng coaching ability and the ability to set-up defender is completely convinced.And Tong Jiajun did not live up to the expectations of his uncle Du Feng and Guo Shiqiang, in the second game against the Shanxi team as a substitute for 14 minutes, sports war shooting 5 in 5 without missing shot, including 2 points 3 in 3, 2 in 2, efficient scoring 12 points.Such a composed performance, which is like an 18-year-old rookie player?This is guo Shiqiang’s credit, without his patient guidance, Tong Jiajun will never be a blockbuster.At the end of this essay, Sichuan sichuan team led by Guo Shiqiang and Yang Xueceng met each other in the finals. If it were not for the off-court interference, Liao would probably have won the sichuan championship.And now often see Guo Shu head increasingly obvious white hair, heartache unceasingly, have to sigh do a lot of head coach is not easy, salary is not high do not say and pressure, especially like Guo Shu this meticulous head coach, no wonder old so fast!# # liao basket

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