The taste of calm cool year, more and more thick

Zhang Yaozhong, Zhang Sheng and his family are paying New Year’s greetings to all their relatives and friends!Wish you and your family zhang Sheng and your family happy New Year to all your friends and relatives!I wish you and your family a happy New Year, everything goes well, and the Year of the Tiger!New Year’s Eve, years, to come…The most beautiful human fireworks gas, human to taste is Qinghuan!Year, is the pace of home, representing the reunion, representing the family, representing the most warm expectations of people away from home.The cold wind from the water, stirred up layers of waves;The sun from the clouds, leaving a trace of warmth;The snow blows in the wind, sweeping away all kinds of worries;SMS from the fingertips to send, transfer deeply wish: snow solar term to, wish you happy no worries!Snowflakes blow, blow away sorrow and fatigue.Snow fly, fly happy dream after.Snowflakes open, smile is more wonderful.Snowflakes fall, good luck comes.Snowflakes to the winter with joy.Heavy snow solar term, pay attention to the body!Today New Year’s Eve 30, blessing never forget, regardless of snow flying, or blue skies, there are concerned about you, the changeable weather, must pay attention to the body, healthy and happy belong to you.A few highland barley locust trees, a few acres of land in front of the house, as well as mountain views and scenery, are all of life here.But the harvest, the arrival of the year, the joy of gathering, let the family eyes filled with happiness and joy.What is the taste of nian?Is the reunion of the cup of intoxicating wine aroma, is carrying a deep memory can not be beyond the delicious.The taste of the year is the perfect collision of the soul and taste buds, is stopped in the years of gear, ren Hongfei years can still play the life ring.The taste of years, in the depths of the years yu Yu shining, reflecting a charming light.When the memory of the delicious open your taste buds, happiness and pleasure beyond the rotation of the growth rings, warm and troubled your heart, so the life has a kind of calm.A delicious appearance, so that the heart and taste buds in the perfect encounter.Life, because of love and abundance, because of simple and happy, because of good and beautiful, because of sweet and sweet, because of moving and warm, because of smile and bright, because of home, because of the township, because of the flavor and care and warm……New Year’s Eve is the prelude to the Spring Festival, is the beginning of happiness, is the beginning of happiness, is the beginning of luck, is the beginning of good luck, is the beginning of blessing, New Year’s Eve, Zhang Sheng and his family to all friends and relatives happy New Year!I wish you and your family a happy New Year, everything goes well, and the Year of the Tiger!

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