Those who weep are singing the love song of the ronin!Young people do not understand Wu Bai, understand is already a song!The youth!

Once upon a time, I struggled with a lyric: “Oh oh oh oh, you’re my rag…”Wondering why a rag could sing with such affection.Later, just know, originally is Wu Bai “oh oh oh oh, you of my flower, I want to have you inserted in my heart……”You my Flower.Bring the magic timbre with this lyrics, let a person hear wrong for many years, like Faye Wong that first: when you think of you in the sea……I haven’t listened to Wu Bai in years.Think that year, the network has not now so developed, listening to music or tape recorder, later MD, a tape repeatedly listen to repeatedly listen to, have no matter to hum, especially the first time brokenhearted at that time, follow Wu Bai’s “ronin love song” simply sing more worried:Do not think of you, do not love you, let time quietly flies, erase our memories, your name will not be spoken now…And the first cry of the people, living is for people that love to sing songs ah, the wind and tore up my heart tonight, said a footstep I not drunk no return, hazy rain have a hazy beauty, another cup of wine, fall in love with you never regret, leaving you is fate, pungent wine I was torn, hoarse with my tears.Why do I cry so badly, whether I still have some attachment to you, has reached the end, can not turn back……Later, after tidied up good mood, after going on the road again, suddenly got his a concert disc, what name forget, only remember originally so affectionate song is from this ugly bully man!At that time, of course, there was no such word as “fan”. Now years have passed, compared to the little fresh meat who was out of style in a few days, this affectionate Chouba man has been living in the singing circle for a long time, and his scenery has not decreased.Before see Wu Bai, always think he looks like Fan Zhiyi, this picture is especially like oh.Can say each likes not to like to sing, go to KTV without the song of Wu Bai.Every concert, the full audience sing, do not leave a sentence to this honour, we ridicule his concert: Wu Bai is just the lead singer!Ha ha ha, the appeal of the name Wu Bai, really strong!In other words, Wu Bai was not originally called Wu Bai, originally named Wu Junlin, so why is it called Wu Bai?He himself had in a program exposed the origin of Wu Bai: because Wu Bai as a class cadre from childhood, good grades, 5 examination subjects are 100 points, so his family called him “Wu Bai”, meaning 5 subjects 100 points.So that if six subjects seven subjects, wouldn’t it be called Lu Seven hundred?!Wu Bai wanted to be a painter when he was young, because there was no such environment, in a chance to see MTV playing a guitar, deeply attracted his eyes, from then on, he liked the guitar.When he grew up, he worked as a salesman, sold insurance and set up a street stall, but only became a musician when he happened to see a job advertisement for an instrument shop.Spoony good man Wu Bai Wu Bai not only singing spoony, he is also spoony good man in life.Like many stars, his wife used to be his manager.Wu Bai seems to have a predestined relationship with the number 5. His wife Chen Wenpei is five years older than Wu Bai. In 1991, Wu Bai was still a resident singer.Chen Wenpei liked the stage free and easy, the stage shy Wu Bai.Thus began the love affair of a gifted and beautiful woman.In 1992, with the support of Chen Wenpei, Wu Bai founded a rock band and became Wu Bai’s manager.After 12 years of love long-distance running, married in 2003, two years later on a concert, Wu Bai can’t wait to announce the marriage news: “God wants to send this girl to take care of me, is destined to be good, my life because of her become more complete!”Wu Bai rock and roll wild on the stage, wu Bai in life, gentle and considerate affectionate.Although two people have been dink until now, but has been zero gossip, in today’s complex entertainment is really very rare, Wu Bai also once wrote a song to his wife “care” : “you like blooming flowers bloom the whole sky, warm I will embrace me in your arms”……Acid to acid to, ha ha ha small S is his fan song good people better, even small S are his fans, the two have also cooperated in the TV drama “Proposal office”.S. describes him as the sweetest person she’s ever known.Andy lau gave him when translation in 1997, Andy lau, through friends, please go to the us to have a meal, wu bai is on a listen to is Andy lau, also do not know for what purpose this meal, having to take courage, also invited a few friends as a result, the meal to eat, a very pleasant talk between the two sides, then wu bai for Andy lau wrote a “world first chop” and “les miserables”, is really a than a classical,”Tears for Lone Star” became one of Lau’s most famous songs, and “World Number One” was often the last song at his concerts.Commiserating, two people’s friendship at this point Chen Hou, busy Andy Lau many times as wu Bai singing guests.Mr. Wu’s Cantonese was not very fluent, and Mr. Lau acted as his translator when necessary.Today, Wu Bai, an evergreen tree in the rock world, is still surrounded by numerous fans, although she is already in her 50s.”Norwegian Wood,” “Breakthrough Self,” “The Man who Cries,” “White Dove,” “You Are My Flower,” “Keep Sorrow To Myself,” and “Bridge of Tears.”His songs have been injected into his soul, the opening is classic, happy and sad.Very lucky, from young to middle age, always like this real and happy, and shy face with two dimples of the man, although he is very ugly, but he is the most affectionate!At the same time, I would like to remember our lost youth together!(Pictures and materials from the Internet)

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