Xiangshan Lake Park this “scenery line”, really beautiful!

Annual fifth, 30 volunteers in fragrant hill park lake civilization tourism publicity, quickly followed xiaowen go look on the site 5, city tourism volunteer service team to select 30 volunteers, right in front of xiangshan lake park, with “beautiful zhuhai I is agent” as the theme, initiative, environmental protection and green low carbon travel, advocate civilized festival, not extravagance and waste,To promote credit management in the tourism market, and to advocate wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distancing under the theme of “One Mind Epidemic Prevention”.Volunteers in Xiangshan Lake Park to carry out civilized tourism propaganda text at the scene, the city’s tourism volunteer service corps of volunteers, made a variety of themes of wooden signs, to the past tourists in various aspects of publicity, with the footpath and other entrances and exits to check yue Kang code.At the same time, set up volunteer service posts to provide tourism guidance, tourism consultation, order maintenance, and on-site distribution of civilized tourism publicity materials, in the form of spirit and action to spread “civilized tourism”.Chen Xia, secretary general of zhuhai Tourism Association, told Xiaowen that the zhuhai tourism Volunteer Service team carried out civilized tourism volunteer service activities during the Spring Festival holiday. The teams carried out civilized tourism volunteer service activities in various scenic spots, entry-exit ports, railway stations, airports and other places in Zhuhai during the Spring Festival holiday to the Lantern Festival.Civilized tourism is an important embodiment of civilized city construction, which is reflected in all aspects of travel, such as words and deeds, daily life and accommodation, and requires the joint efforts of every citizen.Civilized tourism, green travel.Let us take practical actions together to make Zhuhai a beautiful and civilized city!Photo by Xu Hui/Zhuhai Media Group/Zhu Xi GIF from zhuhai Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau

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